Daimon farming, will hire pawns in need of RC

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  3. Daimon farming, will hire pawns in need of RC

User Info: Daikougen

4 years ago#31
Desparate need of RC'S Please hire?
PSN Daikougen Pawn: Bell

User Info: solkeher

4 years ago#32
I would really like my pawn to be hired for Daimon runs so she can learn how to fight him

My PSN is solkeher
My Pawn is a Sorcerer level 113 named Genevieve

Additionally you should check out the Pawn Sharing Club number 17

Thanks in advanced!

User Info: HamptonRebel

4 years ago#33
Thanks for using my pawn! 4,000+ RC!

User Info: Lunak89

4 years ago#34
My pawn is only 59 at the moment so it could be a bit hard for her - but her High Fulmination kills big monsters in seconds ;)
It would be very nice if you could teach her a bit about this battle.
PSN: Lunak89 | DD:DA Pawn: Catherine

User Info: Nick_dawg83

4 years ago#35
please please someone hire my pawn... I've attempted BBI at level 60 (current level and first time this week) and barely have enough RC to complete the first purification O_o

PSN: Nick_dawg83
Pawn: Missfortune | Level 60+ | Warrior| (damage is about 1100)

User Info: Redvillainy

4 years ago#36
My pawn Cypress needs Knowledge and Powerful item( if you don't want them)..Hire Him
PSN RedVillainy Cypress Lvl 79 Sorcerer

User Info: VoidNoodle

4 years ago#37
PSN : VoidNoodle Pawn Name : Cairyn
She's only level 53 though, but I guess the knowledge(and the RCs!) would help tremendously. :)
Official Omega of the Dissidia 012: Duodecim Board.
Topic Hijackers of the Dissidia Duodecim Board! Number of members: 2

User Info: Johndoe527

4 years ago#38
Hey all me and my pawn are lvl 113 and I just beat daimon's first form but I'm having trouble getting ahold of any lvl 2 cursed armors.

Right now my pawn is a sorcerer with 2275 magic damage and im looking for anyone willing to trade their lvl 2 cursed armors to me for wakestones, I would offer anything more valuable if I had any rare items to trade... Well ill just leave it up to you guys. My PSN is CondorSoul_REAVR.

User Info: Johndoe527

4 years ago#39
Anyone who wants to use my pawn is welcome just friend me on PSN and ill add you so it's free.
PSN: CondorSoul_REAVR
I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you. - Genghis Khan

User Info: doomerpl

4 years ago#40
Hi there, fellow Arisens!

I've just started playing this awesome game, currently being about level 25. If anyone want to help a newbie (me ;) - please, take my pawn (Ruda) on a journey. I would also gladly accept any gifts for her, or me - fighter/warrior/ranger. Thanks a lot :3
Currently playing: Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen (PS3)
PSN ID: Kosiciel | Pawn: Ruda | Please donate some items for newbie, thanks :3
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  3. Daimon farming, will hire pawns in need of RC

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