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User Info: Troutfisch

4 years ago#1
Welcome to Pawn Club!


Anyone can create this thread...gamers come and go.

Pawn Club List Version 2:

The original list was lost, so please be sure and add your Pawn to the list and...


The last spreadsheet became outdated and suffered for it, so if we can keep our info up to date it will be all the more useful.

Enter your info in the spreadsheet as follows:

Gamefaqs Nick | PSN | Pawn name | Pawn vocation | Pawn level | Pawn inclinations | Additional Info | Last Update

Acknowledging a hire:

An important "duty", post a little thank you about who rented your pawn, what RC you got, and what gift you received.

This is important because through these posts we can see who is active and whom isn't.

So maybe the member hasn't posted in 7 days, but there were 5 people thanking him for hires, letting the rest of us know that the member is still around.

Press "square" in the "hire window" which shows the Arisen's name, PSN, RC, and items you got - this will show you more detailed information, so cycle through it with R1.

Hiring higher level pawns:

To lower level players, you can hire higher level pawns for free by sending a friend request to their owner. Once accepted they cost 0 RC, but you should know that there is an exp penalty for renting pawns above your current level that caps at 25 levels above your Arisen.

Thanks for your participation!
PSN: Troutfisch
Dark Arisen Pawn: Troutfisch | Troutfisch | Mira | 126 | Mage

User Info: Felix_XI

4 years ago#2
I'd like to thank the following:

silverwingx 94846 RC
Sirfortisque 196515 + 470057 RC
madcowprinny 361600 RC
SolarStorm_X 263141 RC
Takemikazuti 71916 RC
Hazelhart 837107 RC

Cheers for the following items too:
BBI Weapon lvl 3
Savior Ring
Gold Idol
Daimon's Claw

Ur-Dragon Bestiary Knowledge (Finally)

Keep hunting Arisen. I may go on hiatus; but I recommend that you hire pawns who needs RC more than me. However, if you wish to hire my pawn, feel free to do it.

I will still continue hiring pawns. Have fun
PSN : Faust9th
Dark Arisen Pawn : Katarine | Mage | LvL. 200 | Utilitarian-Challenger

User Info: Solar-Storm

4 years ago#3
A Big Thanks to:

Cliftonia | 160K RC!
noet7078 | 63K RC!
PSN: SolarStorm_X
DA Pawn: Solar | 200 | Fighter | Scather/Utilitarian

User Info: Nero-Hylt

4 years ago#4
Psn Nero-Hylt

Pawn details: Gold/sorcerer/lvl 97

User Info: Hazelhart

4 years ago#5
Thank you for hiring my Pawn Valerian

Faust9th: 711,662 RC | BB Weapon Lv. 3
seienwolf: 467,349 RC | Fuligin Ore and Fisheye Stone
Solidmike83: 81,147 RC
PSN: written on Pawn images
Pawns: Strider: | Ranger:

User Info: Hazelhart

4 years ago#6
I've released
tree---man and the Pawn slave
Faust9th and the Pawn Katarine

slave was a very aggressive Pawn. He attacked all the time, which not all Pawns do because they often move around between every time they attack.
Katarine healed every time I commanded it, even in the middle of battle and she would break her casting to heal. I don't find many Pawns like that. The only time I observed her fighting was against Living Armor, which was very good. Challenger and Utilitarian seemed like the perfect combo.

I've hired
seienwolf and the Pawn Morris
ukyo_rulz and the Pawn Melusine
PSN: written on Pawn images
Pawns: Strider: | Ranger:

User Info: Kyushin00

4 years ago#7
added myself to the list as well

Thank you to Godz_Assassin and CChartier for the items and RC. Much appreciated.
Kyushin00 | MagicZeroX | Raid | 23 | Warrior

User Info: GRGG

4 years ago#8

RJ tbm!
PSN: gustavoRGG

User Info: cjchartier

4 years ago#9
Thanks to:

Commander_D2 for the 23,643 RC, Conquerer's Periapt, Knowledge and 5* ratings.

GODZ_ASSASSIN777 for the 86,793 RC, Lv. 2 Armor, Knowledge and 5* ratings.

chauvinist_na for the 76,906 RC and 5* ratings.

hell1202 for the 222,437 RC, Lv. 3 Gear and 5* ratings.

aira-mimi for the 24,000 RC.

moin9995 for the 120,993 RC and Knowledge.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 123/Strider

User Info: cjchartier

4 years ago#10
Released chauvinist_na's pawn "Rhaegar". He did a fine job on a couple of Daimon runs.

One thing that impressed me was that he's one of the few pawns I've used (mine included) who actively climbed on Daimon's (2nd form) face and started slashing, with no instruction from me. He's been well-trained.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 126/Strider
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