How do I beat a golen with a mage?

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  3. How do I beat a golen with a mage?

User Info: MadoshiX2

3 years ago#1
I breeze through them in like 10-15 mins with my magic knight. Im trying to master the different classes to get some skills that transfer over + augments... and I was using a mage to fight a golem last night, and it took me like 1.5 hours. My pawns are too stupid to do anything. My magic doesn't work against the golem - so basically I had to climb on him and/or spam the light attack from the ground (the little white pellets that shoot out from the staff). Not to mention one of my pawns would sometimes enchant my physical attacks... so then my little pellets wouldn't even do anything because my pawn was being stupid.

Is there another way to beat them with a mage because holy hell that took WAY too long. it was really annoying.

User Info: cjchartier

3 years ago#2
This is a perfect example of why it's important to have a "balanced" party. If you're a Mage, you really should carry two other pawns, like Fighters or Striders, that use their blades. If the pawns are just standing around, instruct them to "Come" while you're climbing on the Golem. They should follow suit.

If you think fighting a regular Golem as a Mage is tough, wait until you meet up with a Metal Golem. You'll wish you were anything but a Mage or Sorcerer at that point.
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User Info: Yomly

3 years ago#3
I got caught out fighting the first ever golem (on the way to bluemoon tower with the turrets nearby) as a sorceror. I cannot remember what were the circumstances, but I was stuck fighting the golem essentially on my own. You can kill him with the normal shot (square button) and fortunately they home. What can complicate things (as it did in my case) is if you have pawns who keep casting weapon enchantments. Making attacks deal magic only damage. It was a long fight... had to keep picking up the pawn to cancel his casting.

Fought through the battle (I think two full in-game days passed), I felt it was my penance for strolling through everything easily by abusing bolide...

User Info: tritiumrain

3 years ago#4
Whack it with your big stick! =)

Or if you are fighting the Golem at the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler you can lure it near the edge of the cliff and sometimes you will get an easy kill.

Or if you are fighting the Golem on the way to the Bluemoon Tower you can lure it near the Ballista and kill it that way, although it is very slow.
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User Info: the_requiem

3 years ago#5
I fought two Golems on my alt as Sorcerer. I had a warrior and a strider pawn, but they had rusted weapons so progress was really slow. Then I found out Gicel can do damage to the discs. Try it out.
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User Info: lordofthenlpple

3 years ago#6
Its really hard....The fireball is probably your best shot...

Even when you have archers in your party, they sometimes refuse to hit the discs.
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User Info: shin89510

3 years ago#7
As a mage or sorcerer standard heavy attack is fine provided your magic stat is at least 3500ish. Ive taken down Dual metal golems and other enemies solo hard mode. sorcerer trumps all but is too difficult for most.
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