i need help

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User Info: leonA0

3 years ago#1
i lost my dragon dogma save file when the HDD on my ps3 died.
and now i got dark arisen as part of PS+
so im playing this game again and right now im on biterblack isle. i used to have thoe holly dual daggers that the ur dragon drops and i loved those things. took me days till he droped me one. and they would be very usefull here.
i wanted to ask if there is anyone that has any extra ones they dont need that could send me one? if not i understand. ... just not liiking forward for hours of ur dragon again.....


3 years ago#2
The offline UR-dragon drops them frequently. Earn them like everyone else.
PSN: GODZ_ASSASSIN777 Pawn: Jasmine level 200

User Info: blue_scholar

3 years ago#3
those holly daggers are so easy to get meyn. just fight ur dragon offline.
PSN: butter_and_guns ( Ellyn / lv200 / sorceress )
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User Info: DocWily

3 years ago#4
I hate trying to get to the Ur-Dragon's wings as a fighter more than I have ever hated anything.
The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

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