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User Info: Munkle555

3 years ago#1
Hi Does anyone know what the best/fastest gear I can get for a strider in post game is so I can make my pawn more appealing. She is currently level 130 but outdated gear which might be holding her back. Oh and what I mean by fastest is is there any I can buy quickly rather than searching through dungeons and chests just something to keep her going for the time being. Thank you in advance

User Info: Aurelius628

3 years ago#2
You can search the Everfall for the Golden Lion Set. It's probably the best gear before BBI Armors (Shadow/Oblivion). You can also try the Twilight Set. Both armor sets are good looking so you don't have to worry being out of fashion.
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User Info: Munkle555

3 years ago#3
Thank you I will have a look there

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