Post game, how can I level quickly?

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  3. Post game, how can I level quickly?

User Info: arr_me_maytee

3 years ago#1
What's the fastest way to level in post game? I'm lv 67 right now and would like to get to 100 to start BBI.

User Info: Falthin

3 years ago#2
Repeatedly kill the offline ur dragon, with something that grants you weal. ?

I think thats still the way if you are not at bbi yet.
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User Info: gmoshier

3 years ago#3
Killing the offline ur dragon with the bezel crown bow.
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User Info: tritiumrain

3 years ago#4
Kill offline Ur-Dragon without any pawns while using Blessed Flower or Pilgrim's Charm. Bezel Crown works too but it's not really worth the trouble in DA since there are much better options.
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User Info: arr_me_maytee

3 years ago#5
Where/how do I get these things?

User Info: paasky

3 years ago#6
Blessed Flower is a quest item and unless you completed that particular quest and then made a forgery, your options are that someone gifts you one or you start NG+ to get it yourself.

Probably more convenient way is to buy and use either Pilgrim's Charm (grants weal and prosperity) or Veteran's Periapt (grants weal only). Hopefully you still have Fournival around as he sells both of those in post game (unlimited supply). Veteran's Periapts are cheaper but are available only after you max Fournival's affinity to you. Pilgrim's Charms cost more and can be bought from shopkeepers Aestella or Madeleine (unlimited supply).
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User Info: shawnmck

3 years ago#7
You could also go to BitterBlack Isle, but just farm a number rooms (or until you feel comfortable), and then run back to the beginning (or teleport)...and do it again & again.
The enemies in BBI give you better experience, so you can level up quicker. Plus, you have the chance to find cursed items that can be cured to be useful, though it is a crap-shoot.
There are also lots of chests to find.
Though if you run into trouble with the insanely more difficult mini-bosses (elder ogre, gwarm, etc), then you might consider making a hasty retreat.

Again, it is just an option, and I don't recommend this strategy for everyone.
Try it and see if it works for you, and if not then head back to the normal part of the game.
You can pretty much go back & forth anyway (once you have been there).
But to first get there, you have to meet the woman at the pier in Cassardis at night.
After that, you can teleport back to Gran-Soren using a rift stone. You just need the special alternative in order to head back to the very beginning of the BB isle (from BB isle).

User Info: cyl26

3 years ago#8
Level 67 is plenty for bitterblack Isles. You don't need to own everything in the room. Run past them at times and play smart.

User Info: arr_me_maytee

3 years ago#9
I haven't really leveled optimally so I'm probably just going to fight ur dragon for a while. I don't know if I can kill it though :/

Would anyone be willing to gift me a blessed flower?

User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#10
I was about your level when i first attempted BBI, and i mean a real attempt. Before that i did go in my 50's and got my feet wet in a few of the first rooms. It was def challening at some points at around level 70 but i made it through and out and came out in my mid 90's i think.

BBI post Daimon was much tougher but i still made it through but i didn't beat Daimon v2 until about level 135 and even then it was still tough for me.

I would really reccomend just going through BBI a bit because i think you gain levels the fastest there. Seems faster than grinding out The Ur Dragon.
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