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User Info: Karmikazzee

3 years ago#1
Welcome to pawn club! (Anyone can create this thread, gamers come & go)

This club is about sharing pawns among active players, getting each other rift crystals, knowledge, items & feedback.

To interested New Players:
This club works both ways. We hire you, you hire us. This thread is not for promoting your pawn once! It's meant to be an active community, where you are visible from time to time, letting us know how much RC, items knowledge you got from us, who you are traveling with etc.
The club list.
If you want to become a member, add the following info to the list.(simply hit +add in upper left corner)

Gamefaq nick/psn ID/pawn name/pawn vocation/3 ***/pawn level/inclination/additional info/last update.

Link to list.

Acknowledging a hire:
An important duty! Post a little thank you about who hired your pawn, RC received, knowledge, gifts etc. This is important as these posts allow others to see that you(& those that hired you) are active & are thus more likely to rent your(& their) pawn. Details of a hire show up when you rest at an inn.Simply hit square on each one then use R1 to scroll through gift, knowledge, rating, etc. (You should keep a notebook/pad to keep track of it all.)

It is highly recommended that you put your info(psn/pawn name/pawn vocation & level) in your signature. This will make it easier for others to hire you when all your info is always right under your posts. It is also a great way to promote your pawn!

Hiring higher level pawns.
You can hire higher level pawns by sending them a friend request(mention gamefaq or opsc), once accepted they cost 0RC, but you should know there is a exp penalty for hiring pawns above your arisens level which caps off at 25 levels above.

We also suggest that you read the "Basic Pawn Hiring & Sharing Faq" to learn about things like body bags & how to prevent them & other basics of pawn sharing.

Activity star system. Please add stars to your list entry so that you have 3 stars, ***. Individual stars will be removed on a fixed schedule to help identify active & inactive members. If you do not keep your entry up to date it will end up being deleted.
psn: Karmikazee/ Whynot! lvl 200 sorcerer DA
psn: Karmislazee/ Jazz B'caz lvl 90 ranger (uses blast arrows on BBI)

User Info: ivanuchiha88

3 years ago#2
PSN AibanSama DD pawn name SaekoBusujma SFxT raven,juri,rolento,poison,Lili SSF4 main , juri,cody,chars im learning:sakura

User Info: xCrystalist

3 years ago#3
I heard there is a tough boss named Daimon located in BitterBlack Isle.

May I ask : What is the recommended level to face this evil creature? (on Normal difficulty)

Thank you! :)
PSN ID : xCrystalist
Pawn [Dark Arisen] : Hazellyn | Sorceress | Currently Lv 115 | Faithful, Loyal, Quiet :) ''Hire 'Tis girl!''

User Info: Seventh-07-Sign

3 years ago#4
PSN id : Seventh-07-Sign / Pawn : Sai / Lv 200 Ranger / wants RC cookies

User Info: wayf93

3 years ago#5
xCrystalist posted...
I heard there is a tough boss named Daimon located in BitterBlack Isle.

May I ask : What is the recommended level to face this evil creature? (on Normal difficulty)

Thank you! :)

I don't know "optimal level" but I was between 90 and 100 (somewhere) when I faced him. He was a pain the first time - then I looked up info on and went right back in... He was slightly less of a pain the 2nd time. I say give it a shot... if you lose, try again or wait till later!
PSN: wayf93 | Pawn: Gareth the Red | Mage | Lvl ~105
PSN: tatterdemallian | Pawn: Rory | Ranger | Lvl ~30

User Info: Hamedow93

3 years ago#6
Thanks to:
LinkSquire for the (18,000RC), golden talisman, 5 stars and comment! <3
ROBERT_PV for the (0 RC) and 5 stars <3
PSN: Hamedo93
Pawn: Fighter

User Info: Mussurana

3 years ago#7
Inzoliah would like to thank:

Karmikazee and Whynot! for BBA3x8, poxy flesh, bone lantern, 5* ratings and "My thanks" comment. (Bounty reward)
Windspiritsinger and Talon for 336,000 RC, white wine, 5* ratings and agrees "It has been a pleasure".

Connection's back up so I've refreshed Jazz and Gareth. Just bombing up and then heading out for more arrow action. I'll also look at how Gareth's HFB training is going while we're out.
PSN Mussurana/Inzoliah Ranger Lvl 200 (BBI blast arrow specialist)

User Info: Kebabzy-King

3 years ago#8
I would just like to thank Kestien for 100K rc, a liquid vim, Gransys area knowledge (one step closer to 3* location knowledge) 5*s and "was an invaluable asset". I will be hiring out her / his pawn soon if I can.

Also, I have just picked up wayf93's Gareth to take for a spin after dropping off AeturnusNoctis's Ripley. Hopefully I have granted a hefty sum of RC (in addition to what sounded like a lot of new BBI enemy knowledge) to Noctis.
PSN: Kebabzy-King - Pawn: Nova - level 100+ Warrior - Hires appreciated
"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits"

User Info: mega_mouse_fart

3 years ago#9
hey guys, I just want to say that I've shifted Morrigan into a supportive role instead of a damage dealer. I feel like no matter how aggressive you can make a pawn, they still are no match for an Arisen's aggression in battle, so I figured she could be more productive as a supporter. she is still a Strider. I've given her a Rusted Bow and am in the process of Maxing out a set of Rusted Daggers. She will have the augments Sinew, Eminence, Vehemence, Clout, Opportunism, Efficacy.

This is setup so that she can pack a TON of items. She has Efficacy because she is equipped with a Magnanimous Cloak whenever she uses a healing item she will heal everyone in the party and that effect will be boosted. I gave her some Bitterblack Lv 3 armor as well. Sinew Combined with the Legs of Oblivion which increase her item carrying capacity she is able to carry a lot of stuff.

Her skills are Brain Splitter, Thousand Kisses, Dazzle Blast, Fivefold Flurry, Pentad Shot, and Hailstorm Volley.

All of her armor isn't DF'd just yet, but I am working on it right now. She also seems to love using Blast Arrows, so pack her full of them and she should put them to good use.

Anyway, back to buisness, I just released Keely earlier than I intended. She accidently jumped over a chest near the edge in the city at the end of BBI and so I went and rehired and released immediately. I will rehire again soon.

Right now, Morrigan is slaughtering the halls of BBI alongside Camilla and Greg
psn-madmatt4509 | Dark-Souls-Slave
pawn-Morrigan lv200 | Ser_Smooth WIP warrior

User Info: Stray_Gator

3 years ago#10
On the previous thread Seventh-07-Sign posted...
Yo guys how do you get started? ^^ I wish to get on the Rift Crystal train as well :D
I've put my info on the spreadsheet but no one's hiring my pawn. XD

This message is a good start, also try the low lvl pawn thread if you didn't already.
Second, hire pawns from the list, it'll get you noticed. Just don't expect return hires right away. Some users have long hiring queues.
PSN: StrayGatorr
DD:DA pawn - DragonFodder, lvl 200 Sorceress.
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