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User Info: Cealtaru

3 years ago#491
Rose thanks

AliciaWelkin (pawn: Elise) for 10,081RC, Conquerer's Periapt, 5* and "Actively battled foes".

Amber thanks

AresD24 (pawn: Kali) for an RC bomb, Liquid Vim and 5*,

Nasty-Alex (pawn: Laura) for 327,155RC, BBG3, 5* and "I stand impressed, ser!",

Feralchicken01 (pawn: Leanna) for an RC bomb, BBG3 x3, 5* and "Excelled in all regards".

Amber learned of beasts. 3rd star for undead and phantoms. Dragons are still unimpressed by her efforts.
PSN: Cealtaru; Pawn: Amber, Sorcerer/Mage 200.
PSN: Cealtaru2; Pawn: Rose, Ranger 54.

User Info: Bouke

3 years ago#492
Arwydd thanks Ralthiers for the RC bomb, liquid vim, 5*, and "Always a pleasure."
PSN: Brynhild1st / Arwydd lv.200 Strider | PSN: RiverChaucer3rd / Mina lv.200 Sorceress

User Info: HuntressOfTruth

3 years ago#493
I would like to thank you Pasquale234 for renting Kate and giving her:
-63k rc
-5/5/5 with the comment "she had a good" education

nathan-hankins for:
-wyrmking ring
-5/5/5 with the comment "thank you"

inflightmovies for:
-33k rc
-5/5/5 with the comment "Hi"
PSN: kadmond
My pawn: Kate lv 67 warrior

User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#494
azianduv03 posted...
-"Dang! Yours are so much bigger than mine Sakura, they're giant!". Eclair whispered, giving Sakura a jealous stare. The girls threw the last flapping fish in the bucket, Sakura her giant and Eclair her plain.
Haha awesome! That pic is perfect for the fishing expedition they went on!

Thank YOU! You are a mistress of capturing great moments of the "twinz" azianduv! =D 100F in Cassrdis too, time for a bath! And this is what I'll do to that UrdyDurdy Ha!
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider

User Info: ds_knight09

3 years ago#495
I'm currently playing on vanilla DD, but soon upgraded to DA, as soon as my saving is enough. I really need RC for purifying purposes, could someone please hire my pawn PSN: ds_knight09 pawn name: Freyrie a former accomplished Sorcerer/Mage (currently Ranger lv 89). I'm sorry in advance if I'm still low level, I'm new to this game (about a month or so), and may not have much to gift back. I appreciate any help..

User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#496
Zeus_OfZe_Aegis posted...
Id-in-use posted...
She pushed the Sobering Wine to the side. This would be an evening she will always remember..
-"So I heard you've been in the company of other hunks too, eh?!" Sakura squinted mischievous through her Siegfried. -"Oh boy, did we have good times!" Eclair said, throwing blow kisses in appreciation to
See this is why I sent a Sobering Wine at the end LOOOL. Seriously tho I love reading these stories!
Thanks Zeus! But while my efforts might inspire to a damp giggle, at best, these amazing people offer entertainment of the highest order:

azianduvs The Drunken shenanigans of Aya and Talon in this thread
made fall off the sofa laughing!

And Falthins epic journey
made my eyes tear.

Oh, and I snatched the Sobering Wine myself, and a good thing it was because after sobering up I realised I had missed this post:
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider

User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#497
NatsuTheDragonS posted...
Looking to be hired. Pawn: Nilin lvl: 189 vocation: strider.

My psn is InnerAngel297

(Ps. I've been told I have a lot of vanilla armor. Don't know how to fix that. Sorry I'm new to the whole Game and the online atmosphere so if you could help that would be great.)

Im sorry Natsu! I didn't see this first. Now a feel bad for b* slapping the thread with a rude comment! =/
Welcome! It's always a good idea to have your PSNID, pawns name, level and vocation in your sig. I'm sure you'll soon get hires, and I'll dive in on it as soon as time admits!
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider

User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#498
3. You can mine using Throwblasts od Dragon's Spit if you like me tend to leave the Pickaxe at home.
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider

User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#499
2. "Not the stoutest bridge I've seen...I hardly like the thought of falling in to sewage..."
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider

User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#500
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider
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