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User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#1
Welcome to pawn club! (Anyone can create this thread, gamers come & go)

This club is about sharing pawns among active players, getting each other rift crystals, knowledge, items & feedback.

To interested New Players:
This club works both ways. We hire you, you hire us. This thread is not for promoting your pawn once! It's meant to be an active community, where you are visible from time to time, letting us know how much RC, items, knowledge you got from us, who you are traveling with, etc.

The club list:
If you want to become a member, add your info to the list. Sign up, then just follow set up instructions.

Link to list:

Acknowledging a hire:
An important and mandatory duty! Post a little thank you about who hired your pawn, RC received, knowledge, gifts, etc. This is important as these posts allow others to see that you (& those that hired you) are active & are thus more likely to rent your (& their) pawn. Details of a hire show up when you rest at an inn or bench. Simply hit square on each one, then use R1 to scroll through gift, knowledge, rating, etc. (You should keep a notebook/pad to keep track of it all)

It is highly recommended that you put your info (psn/pawn name/pawn vocation & level) in your signature. This will make it easier for others to hire you, since all your info is always right under your posts. It is also a great way to promote your pawn!

Hiring higher level pawns:
You can hire higher level pawns by sending them a friend request (mention gamefaq or opsc). Once accepted, they cost 0 RC, but you should know there is a exp penalty for hiring pawns above your Arisen's level (which caps off at 25 levels above).

We also suggest that you read the "Basic Pawn Hiring & Sharing Faq" to learn about things like body bags & how to prevent them & other basics of pawn sharing.

Activity star system:
Please update stars to 5 if active. Individual stars will be removed on a fixed schedule to help identify active & inactive members. If you do not keep your entry up to date it will end up being deleted.
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider

User Info: Id-in-use

3 years ago#2
Eclair sends her cordial thanks and kisses to

Elijah (ppdpig90) for 285.225 RC, Pickled Mushroom and 5*s. Huge thanks!

Faith (AlejantroV2) for 82.407 RC, Abyssal Eye and 3-3-3. My thanks!

And yesterday Eclair forgot her bestie Sakuras RCs so she sends her love and kisses again to

Sakura (azianduv) for 384.890 RC, 5x Giant Fish, Fishing Bob, Bucket and 5*s And boy did they have a good time fishing! =D

Not only that Eclair points out that the superb caps of the BFFs fishing and shopping was shot by azianduv and the portraits of Eclair and Apollo were made by YoruPoru. Again HUGE thanks dear friends! ^_^
PSN: Id-in-use | Eclair | Lvl 200 Strider

User Info: moonlithunter

3 years ago#3
Maria is a level 44 Ranger looking for work. PSN is TreacherysHunter.
You ARE being POISONED everyday by the foods you THINK are safe to eat because the FDA and USDA serve corporate interests, not you. This is not a joke. Wake up.

User Info: Cola82

3 years ago#4
Thanks again, Bloomaru, for a hire, 17,652 RC, a Daimon claw, and 5-5-5*. :)
PSN: Dasylupe, Pawn: Justin, lvl 157 Sorcerer Utilitarian and Mitigator

User Info: TheTrueDeraj

3 years ago#5
Thanks to Dasylupe for 13k RC, a bloodied chain, and unfamiliar foe knowledge x1, as well as 5*.
PSN: Shimo_Yamauchi
Pawn: Aki Lv ~50 Ranger (Challenger/Mitigator. Just Became Ranger, so skills aren't polished yet)

User Info: stillaftermath

3 years ago#6
Big thanks to TheTrueDeraj for the 9,300 RC, Harspud Sauce, and 5 stars!

I'm still holding on to Aki building into the transition to post-game, she's a champ - though she has a tendency to send mobs flying across the map when I'm going toe to toe with them, they don't often survive the trip so it doesn't matter much. ;)
PSN: TediousOrc
Pawn: Brash - Level 56 Sorcerer, Scather/Challenger

User Info: TiaHarribel

3 years ago#7
I would like to thank
Honorbound, Da_Cerberus, and MagicThoughts for knowledge of Death and Daimon as well as area knowledge and 50,000+ RC each. Sorry, I forgot to get specific details on who got what. But thank you again for the hires.
PSN ID: Stephy 48
Pawn Info: Lv. 127 Sorcerer named Haku with Challenger/Utilitarian inclinations

User Info: Agiorgio90

3 years ago#8
Elijah would like to thank
Eclair (Id-in-use) for 2 df heaven keys, Abyssinal coat, Abyssinal bracers,
Abyssinal greaves, 5 bb lvl 3 weapons, and 251856 RC
Pawn: Elijah lvl. 51 Ranger

User Info: Agiorgio90

3 years ago#9
O I forgot all Abyssinal armor was df
Pawn: Elijah lvl. 51 Ranger

User Info: stonyg

3 years ago#10
Sorry for not giving you more RC Stephy, Haku fell off a cliff and I did not notice until it was too late, I'll try and re-hire in a few days. :>

Also why is no one hiring my pawn :( If there are any improvements I can do to make him better, do tell me! :D
Id like some RC's!
PSN: MagicThoughts - Sorcerer pawn "Solaire" Utilitarian/Challenger level 120>
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