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User Info: LiquidAdvance

3 years ago#191
Ursula has ditched the top level gear, so if you're a fashion dogma player it's a good time to make a rental.
frozenatlantic | Ursula | oo Sorcerer
likes: bba3, liquid vim, winning.

User Info: Everything0

3 years ago#192
Quick thanks to Thirstyguts for 17,320 RC, Drake's Tear, a bunch of knowledge, 5* and "Oft aided the party"
PSN: Zombine_ | Calamity (Level 45 - Rank 7 - Warrior, Female, Scather/Challenger)
PSN: Poisonii | Muti (Level 4 Mage, Female, tba)

User Info: ComfyPajamas

3 years ago#193
Shout outs to drethegreat1's Bethany! She kicks a whole lotta butt and is one of the best Rangers to travel with us yet!
AriaLeXia was upset to see her mentor take leave after teaching her everything she knows (and all the girly talk no less) but still held a big welcome for TreacherysHunter's Maria! Welcome to the comfortable squad!
PSN - c60jam | Unhealthily active as of late, that destiny beta though...
[Apple NalraC] Pawn - AriaLeXia | Lvl 43 | (Power)Ranger | Arrogant Fashonista

User Info: InfernoRodan

3 years ago#194
Everything0 posted...
Question, can you gift pawns by playing with them, having them pick up stuff and releasing them with the stuff in their inventory?

No. Anything in a hired Pawn's inventory (aside from stuff they're wearing, obviously) will be deposited into your storage when you release them.
InfernoRodan - Stella, lvl 200 Strider | InfernoRodan2 - Luna, lvl 200 Mage | InfernoRodan3 - Sol, lvl 200 Fighter

User Info: Grayfoxr6

3 years ago#195
The Moose thanks TreacherysHunter for 17.5k rc, potent greenwarish (thats where that went), gransys knowledge, 5* and all the best!

XBL and PSN: Feralchicken01//elpollodiablo01
Dark Arisen pawn: Leanna lvl 200 debilitation strider utilitarian/pioneer// Mooseknuckle lvl 40 warrior scather

User Info: Cola82

3 years ago#196
Hey, thanks so much to Abara_K for 54,143 RC, BBW lvl 3, and 5-5-5*!

Shimo_yamauchi for 141,168 RC, a martyr's talisman, 5-5-5*, and "employed skills masterfully."

And mhat3 for 66,683 RC, a putrid dragon scale (new! Very cool!), knowledge of Greater Goblins (woohoo!), 5-5-5* and "employed skills masterfully.

I really appreciate it. :D
PSN: Dasylupe, Pawn: Justin, lvl 170 Sorcerer Utilitarian and Mitigator

User Info: dark_horse_69

3 years ago#197
Audrey says thanks to our old pal Ralthiers for the rather substantial sum of 416,196 RC, a palatable vial of liquid vim, 5 star ratings all around and a comment of "Always a pleasure."

We are grateful to have joined you on the adventure Ralthiers and do hope you shall partake in future and regular rentals of the sisters in arms. Obrigado!
PSN: dan_lucky | Pawn: Sexual Jenny (Level 200 Ranger)
PSN: dan_lucky1 | Pawn: Audrey Alure (Level 200 Strider)

User Info: YoruPoru

3 years ago#198
Apollo would like to thank:

Liza (Dasylupe) for 70,312 RC; Magick Metal; 5/5/5.

Non-Members (?)
Natalia (Durzo54Blint) for a massive 1,000,000 RC; BBG3; 5/5/5; and "You have a style about you!"
Matteo (matteo94green) for 14,773 RC; Fulgurous Lord Tome; 5/5/5; and "My thanks."
Aquilon (Soldanella) for 33,025 RC; Liquid Vim; 5/5/5; and "I stand impressed, ser!"

Thank you so much, everyone! This is very much appreciated and you are all awesome!!!

We have released deleon43's Yuber and AliciaWelkin's Elise, and picked up FrozenAtlantic's Ursula and TreacherysHunter's Maria.
PSN: YoruPoru, Pawn: Apollo-Lv 200 Ranger

User Info: Pasquale234

3 years ago#199
Andromeda would like to thank:

mhat3 for 71,905 RC, vengeful mirror, knowledge of unfamiliar foe, 5/5/5*, 'oft aided the party'

Daniele-extra- for 136,527 RC, diamond, 5/5/5*, 'all the best to you'

We had a lot of fun with Elijah and Maria.

Currently traveling with xAtrophix's Asura and Passionate_Skye's Saber.
PSN: Pasquale234 | Pawn: Andromeda | Level 111 Mage | Utilitarian/Challenger

User Info: Everything0

3 years ago#200
Just released Melia and Mildew. We had some.. fun in the Bitterblack Isles. I was trying to get a ring but I used the moonbeam gem on the wrong door so I had to go in deeper. I encountered Death several times, one time fought him.. one time just ran.

Mildew got uh.. petrified by cockatrice when I wasn't paying attention so I quickly re-hired her, then went deeper, killed a boss.. did some things, encountered a bunch of what.. cursed pawns, and then a cursed dragon later.. ran like hell. I finally got the gem and just got out of there, and did a few quests.
PSN: Zombine_ | Calamity (Level 45 - Rank 7 - Warrior, Female, Scather/Challenger)
PSN: Poisonii | Muti (Level 4 Mage, Female, tba)
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