The Raven's Fall, v2

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User Info: Jules_McGrules

2 months ago#21
That was a hell of a good read. Looking forward to the next.

Are you active online these days? I recall using the Raven several times, long ago.
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User Info: Darth-Simous

1 month ago#22
@densetsu_x , I finally managed to read it with a - somewhat - "clear" head ... Amazing story & dialogs, my friend, hat's-off to your writing skills ...

I also felt some "disturbance in the force", right when Skye said that "Yes, Master" !!!

Looking forward to your new work ... and hopefully, the "other" stuff we talked about !

Many thanks again for sharing & regards. Simon
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User Info: densetsu_x

1 month ago#23
I appreciate the kind words. Yes I'm still alive and just hoping to keep this live til the follow up is done.

User Info: densetsu_x

4 weeks ago#24
Yeah still trying to finish things for those still following this and no I haven't completely disappeared either. Hopefully soon so just keeping this alive a little longer.

And for anyone new who might be wondering what this about, I'll explain it more of there is sufficient interest when I'm home and not out waiting for lunch. :)
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: krys_strabec

4 weeks ago#25
Yep. Still interested!
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User Info: kb2mocha

4 weeks ago#26
krys_strabec posted...
Yep. Still interested!

@densetsu_x - I'll second that one. I'm also still interested. Hope all is well on your end.
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User Info: densetsu_x

2 weeks ago#27
So I think I missed my self imposed October 3rd deadline. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating. More details "soon".

User Info: Darth-Simous

1 week ago#28
Small "bump" ... hey, @densetsu_x , hope U R well, my friend. ...

And ofcource, waiting for more details, "soon" .... cheers
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