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    Okey then, without further ado, Deianira's 1st Part of recent hires - and just a note in advance, i will try NOT to consolidate the hires, for the fear of making mistakes, so, like i mentioned, bear with me. Here goes:

    Arisen: Penetrator, Pawn: Femme_Fury, PSN: Shekhar79, for: 214,295 RCs, a Golden Egg, a Liquid Vim, all 5-Stars Ratings Twice, plus one of my favorite "I've marked you a favorite" comments ! Also, for: 123,920 RCs, a White Wine, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the comment "Was an invaluable asset".
    @Shekhar79, much obliged again, my friend, for your non-stop trust in Deia. I hope the CD Farming & leveling goes well ! Regards

    Arisen: Noel, Pawn: Lulu, PSN: nobru-chan, for: 7,710 RCs, Quest Knowledge: An unfamiliar Quest x1, and all 3-Stars Ratings. The Quest was "Fathom Deep", indeed, and the Body-Bag happens, when U don't release your hired pawns, before U start this Quest. But, many thanks, nevertheless, hire returned, as always. And a quick Shout-Out: Always release your pawns & REST before Fathom Deep & before doing Hard Mode Resets, to avoid sending them in Body-Bags to their Masters.

    Arisen: Valkyrie, Pawn: Towering Hildr, PSN: AliceUnchained8, for: 737,826 RCs, a most welcome Batch of BBI Armor L.3 x3 (many thanks !), all 5-Stars Ratings Three (3) Times, plus the highest praise "Is simply perfect !", for Deia ! @AliceUnchained, just like "old times", i am glad Deia & Hildr finaly met ! And really glad you brought her along, & again much obliged to U ! Hildr was with Team-Deianira briefly, as well ... Many regards.

    Arisen: Midas, Pawn: Dygawn, PSN: Butterfinger1969, for: a BBI Novelty L.3, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the "Was an invaluable asset" comment.
    Thanks again to Butter for the Quick-Hire, Dygawn was hired again, in return.

    Arisen: Lee, Pawn: Cass, PSN: chanchi-1017, for: 11,477 RCs, but not for the Body-Bag. Hire returned, as always.

    Part Two following....
    Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
    Twizted Jedi:, Various: