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    Deianira's 2nd Part of recent hires.

    Arisen: Jeffson, Pawn: Marcos, PSN: JeffsonP, for: an RC BOMB - 1,000,000 RCs, a Magic Medal, a Great Dragon Alula, a Coin Purse of Charity, a most welcome BBI Weapon L.3, all 5-Stars Ratings Four (4) Times, plus the highest praise "Is simply perfect" ! @JeffsonP, thank U, my friend for all these hires, RCs & items, all the rest will be mentioned on the Third Part. Cheers.

    Arisen: Penetrator, Pawn: Femme_Fury, PSN: Shekhar79, for: 43,908 RCs, a Golden Egg, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the praise "Exceeded all expectations" (glad to hear). @Shekhar79 , TKU again, my kind friend, really glad to see Femme now sporting proper L.2 BBI Armor. Will be helping again very soon. Best Regards.

    Arisen: Maya, Pawn: Sebastian, PSN: pyroette, for: 258,568 RCs, a most welcome BBI Armor L.3, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the highest greeting "'Tis an honor". @Kirschan, an Honor & a Pleasure, my friend, and many thanks for accepting all my FRs ... Sebastian was on Team-Deianira, as well. Best Regards.

    Private Quick-Hire, with all 5-Stars Ratings. Thanks a lot !

    Arisen: Jamie, Pawn: Sam, PSN: Dukon_, for: 322,196 RCs, a most welcome BBI Weapon L.3, all 5-Stars Ratings, and the "Always a Pleasure" comment. @Dukon, always is, my friend, much obliged for the hire ... Both Sams were again with us, as mentioned. Cheers & regards.

    Arisen: Kenshin, Pawn: Robin, PSN: Kenshin1985, for: 134,372 RCs, a Blessed Flower, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the high praise for Deia "Excelled in all regards". @Gundam_God, U know EXACTLY what Alcmene needs nowadays, friend ! Many thanks for the hire & the BF - i probably burned through 4 or 5 this weekend alone, hehe - happy Mountebank !!! Robin was on Team-Deia, as well. Cheers.

    Private Hire, with 90,000 RCs, a welcome BBI Weapon L.3, and a 4-5-5 Rating, without comment. OUCH !!! 4 Stars for Deia's looks ? Now she is mad !!! Thanks anyway & regards.

    Arisen: Jamie, Pawn: the other Sam, PSN: Dukon_3, for: 435,301 RCs, a Bright Amber Scale, all 5-Stars Ratings, and the "Employed skills masterfully" high praise. @Dukon, many thanks again, mate, i hope Deia was a good "Bodyguard" to Team-Sam-2 ! Until next hire, best regards & thanks again, man !

    Part Three following....
    Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
    Twizted Jedi:, Various: