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    Darth-Simous posted...
    And for the "Credits" on Deianira's "craziest" days so far, many thanks again to my bro @Twizted_Jedi. In detail: Arisen: Sable, Pawn: My Favorite Greek Goddess Athena, PSN: N7-Warden, for: an RC Bomb - 1,000,000 Holokrons, Two (2) Mushroom Potages, a Liquid Vim, a Tagilus's Miracle, all 5-Stars Ratings Four (4) Times, plus the winky "Is adorable beyond words" comment for her cousin Deia ! My two favorite gals were on Team-Deianira, as well, missed them both a lot, TBT ... TKU kindly, brother !

    Lol ..Wow bro you weren't kidding , My nieces had a crazy weekend ! That is a lot of Hires !! XD

    It was nice to have the girls at my side , But I gotta admit if I'd have known how much work you had to do with those " Thank You " Posts I might have waited a couple days to return your hires XD

    And you haven't even gotten to Danika yet :)

    Long " thank you " posts and sore typing fingers are the price you pay for being so helpful buddy !
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