So no ME2 UE ever?

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User Info: LeBurns63

4 years ago#1
I bought ME1 on a STEAM sale ($5) and got the asteroid DLC for free with it.

I borrowed my brothers ME2 and swore that I would buy it myself if I could get a Ultimate Edition with all the DLC. (I still will)

I'll never buy ME3. A better ending is just to majorly fail the final mission in ME2.

So now this thing comes out and I think I might be interested but noted that none of the real good DLC's are added for ME2. My fear is with this coming out that they never will make a ME2 UE.

Do you think they ever will or does this thing kill that completely?
I'm glad your opinion differs from mine. What a boring place this world would be if it didn't.

User Info: Teepo

4 years ago#2
save some extra money, it seems like to get the rest of the dlc you will need 45 bucks says another poster, so you can have your UE i you are willing to puny up the extra cash.
Teepo, the Dark Dragon of Destiny.
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  3. So no ME2 UE ever?

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