Should I just skip this and buy Mass Effect 2?

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User Info: rozxfile

4 years ago#1
Had no idea about the trilogy up until now while I was on Amazon browsing. I know in Mass Effect 2 they give you a recap of sorts covering the first game so I was wondering should I just get ME2 or get the complete trilogy instead? I loved the demo but I turned away after the llama drama brought on by ME3's ending and lost interest. Is this worth the look then? Currently playing Assassin's Creed 3, will probably beat it soon.

User Info: Stalolin

4 years ago#2
Never under any circumstance skip ME1.

User Info: AlexhondaFTW

4 years ago#3
Stalolin posted...
Never under any circumstance skip ME1.


I bought ME2 first(no xbox so...) back when it had dropped to 39.99$ for the first time. I could not keep interested in the game to the point of never coming close to finishing it... Traded it in... :(

I recently bought the trilogy and as of now I finished ME1 and am now back to ME2 and I've gotta say...

OMG!!! Playing ME1 first makes ME2 a million time better!!!! O_O

Genesis is better than nothing but it does sum up maybe 20 hours of story in like... 5-10 mins? So it is not the best... I feel they kinda throw way to much new info at you at once(story, races, allies, enemies, planets.......). You almost need to take notes or you won't remember everything lol :P

I remember always being confused with people/places and what is my relation with them(Best example for me is Ashley) so i didn't care about them alot. That for me was the reason I could not stay interested in ME2, even thought the universe it is set in, the gameplay, the story and characters were all amazing!

Do yourself a favor and buy the trilogy!! :D
If money is an issue, I say wait until the price drops, it really is worth it!!

-My 2 cents
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User Info: calvin_0

4 years ago#4
if you miss ME1, all you did is just lessen your experience of the series....
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User Info: shweppy

4 years ago#5
Genesis lets you decide some of the major plot points, but there are about 30 decisions you can make in ME1 that carry over into the rest of the trilogy that you will miss out on. Some of these are as trivial as e-mails you receive in ME2 or announcements on the Galaxy News Network, while others involve actual cameos from characters in 1 that lead to minor side quests.

Missing 1 will not be a game-breaking experience, but all of these import options really make you feel like you are shaping the galaxy in some way. It is a very nice touch.
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