What an excellent, excellent game.

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  3. What an excellent, excellent game.

User Info: A_A_Battery

4 years ago#1
I just beat it.

It is a masterpiece in the P&C adventure game genre. Up there with the best games ever made in my opinion. Can I think of a better story in a videogame? No.

User Info: riff429

4 years ago#2
I just beat it as well, and had the good sense to save before the branching of the endings in order to watch/find them all.

An awesome game with a few very minor issues hardly worth mentioning, mostly technical.

User Info: Raven_Eclipse

4 years ago#3
I can think of better stories in video games. But I've been playing games for a very long time and fondly remember the original Point and Click adventures from Sierra and others.

Primordia and Resonance are two of the better games to be released this year for sure. I'm running through the endings in Primordia at the moment.
Cogito Ergo Sum

User Info: Devchi

4 years ago#4
To be honest, this wasn't the best story I saw in videogames.

But is a very good story nonetheless. Personally, I like the idea of progressism and humanism, clearly similiar to creationism and evolutionism. Funny thing is that, in Primordia, it's humanism (analogous to creationism in many ways) that's is supported by plentiful evidences while progressism (similar to evolutionism) is a lie spread by the State (MetroMind), not the opposite.
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  3. What an excellent, excellent game.

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