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User Info: khragwookiee

5 years ago#1
single player is unplayable, and online has the worst community I've ever seen for any game I have ever played... just like Legendary Edition.

User Info: wiser123

5 years ago#2
Just go away

User Info: Dondogz

5 years ago#3
Just bought this. Dang.

User Info: khragwookiee

5 years ago#4
As I have been receiving questions about why single player is unplayable, let me give one example of a game a had with my CHaos Dwarves (cd) against the dark elves (DE).

8 times, yes 8 times, the DE attacked me where I got to roll two dice in my own defence and every single time they got to yellows (defender down or defender stumbles) not one red die... in 16 dice rolls, not one attacker down or both down.

Now on my offence 4 times I attacked with double dice and got two red skulls (attacker down) and used a reroll and got... yup two red skulls. Not even a both down (which would be okay because my whole team has block) so 16 dice rolls 16 red.

Now their first TD, I have them surrounded at mid field. I tackle the guy with the ball and it bounces to one of my guys, he misses, bounces to my next guy in line, he misses too, bounces to the next and the next, they all miss (even used a RR on the last guy) so the ball bounces in a straight line through 4 of my guys and right into the arms of a DE. I checked the rolls on it I got 5 1's. (4 attempts and the reroll all got automatic fail) the DE rolled a 5. so Now I have to move and attack him. I get two guys on him and blitz with my minotaur, guess what... Three red skulls and no reroll. DE Turn he Dodges away and runs into the end zone.

Second TD was similar. I have them surrounded on their half right near the edge. I tackle the ball holder with my last move. He uses dump off and his one guy standing gets the ball. Now this guys has three guys on him. So their turn now, this DE Dodges not once or twice, he dodges 5 tackles passes the ball with a guy on him, the receiver catches the ball with two guys on him (remember DE don't have the receivers that the other Elves do) that guy dodges once misses the second, rr rolls a 6 and off he goes and has to use 2 go for its to get the TD.

Now seriously, in what world is this a game that's fair or playable? This isn't the only time crap like this happens, it's every game at least once or twice the computer does crap that just defies the odds of the dice rolls.

As for the online community, they don't help you get better, they beat the crap out of you to take the win, then they mouth you off for being bad. Yet ask them for any hints that you could use in your next game they tell you to F-off. Yeah that's a community. Some of these guys have been playing since the 80's and they are awesome, truly, but it's almost as if they don't want new people into the game.

Hope that helps.

User Info: Kenichijo

5 years ago#5
You just described several great Bloodbowl moments, but these are the reasons that you made such a ridiculous topic title? These are normal events that have happened since the first game of Bloodbowl, way back in the time of the ancient Nuffle. Bloodbowl is a game where you get beat up. It's not personal, and the dice aren't out to get you.

Need I go into the times where you had little chance to succeed, but rolled well and triumphed in glory? Remembering only the misses and none of the hits is simple selection bias. Don't worry about it, it's human nature.

Maybe next time you can say something like, " I wish I hadn't wasted my time and money on this game," or, "I don't understand, and these sorts of games aren't my thing."

User Info: The Trent

The Trent
4 years ago#6
i wish i hadn't wasted my money on this game
i'll go out back and i'll get my gun
i'll say "you haven't met me. i am the only son."

User Info: Dondogz

4 years ago#7
It's not bad. Just really really hard.

User Info: darknj

4 years ago#8
The game was clearly made for those that know and understand how to play the table top version of the game.

I have succeeded very well with a team of Scavens and Dark Elves, and yes I have lost star players and other lvl 8 War dancers on an Elf team, but that is what makes the game unique, it was clearly aimed at the hardcore fans and they didn't shy away from it.

There was literally no attempts to make the game easier to target a larger crowd of players, how many games have been made "easier" compared to the first one of the franchise so it could sell more and attract more players ?

This one at least stay true to the spirit of the table top game and for once I find it a great, but hard game, just know the rules and the saves are there for a reasons. No team is made to win all, nor lose all games.

User Info: anonymous46773

4 years ago#9
Works fine for me.

The game is inherently unfair. It's the game's nature.
I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

User Info: GarthA_WayneC

4 years ago#10
The dice are not loaded or unfair in any way. The only reason the AI gets away with super stupid moves is that it actually tries them. You won't see (many) humans doing such stuff, because they play with risk awareness. Safe moves first, then low risk/high reward, then any possibly higher risk moves, if they are deemed worthwhile.

Anyone with a somewhat decent grasp of the game complains about the weak AI, because it means you will win almost every game, unless you are extremely unlucky. Yet there are people who complain about the impossibility of winning against the 'cheating AI'.

Seeing how there are very few people who actually like the single player, in either of those camps, you would do well to only buy this for multiplayer. Preferably in a somewhat private league with people you know, to avoid disconnecters. Or you could go for FUMBBL, if you don't mind the simpler 2D presentation.
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