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User Info: adastar1

4 years ago#81
adastar1 ------ thanks sooo much!!!!!

User Info: i4me

4 years ago#82
ifourme - ill only send1 heart per day unless specified otherwise. but im looking for someone who wants to quickly grind out saphire shores via skipping a day in advanced using the calender.

User Info: pandzorz

4 years ago#83
pandzorz here

User Info: Zelda911

4 years ago#84
I'm stalking ... http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/user.php?board=934395

User Info: AnimeSeeker78

4 years ago#85
My gameloft ID is Sparkfire
"The lich king?.. on my throne?" - ShadowGomamon

User Info: dean2469

4 years ago#86
Add me. My username is ponyguy123

User Info: PinkieDash21

4 years ago#87
So...people should add me. I need my damn Scootaloo
GL ID: GlitteryUnicorn

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