Any advice on how to work the social stuff? It seems broken.

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  3. Any advice on how to work the social stuff? It seems broken.

User Info: PSO CheZi

4 years ago#1
So I added five or so friends from off of the board yesterday, and also got a bunch of invites from here. Of all of these people (Has to be about 20ish in all), only five of them show up as friends in-game. Everyone else only shows up as a GS Live friend and under the "Invited" tab in-game. How come some people make it onto the friends tab and most don't? Any way to push things so that people make it onto the friends tab?
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User Info: iloveyoshi0XO

4 years ago#2
I have many issues as well. Sometimes it doesn't load or work at all, sometimes it loads while everyone's level is 0, it's slow and buggy and confusing and I hate it :/
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User Info: StormDragon27

4 years ago#3
I've got about 50 GL friends, all added through gamefaqs for this game, and only five have shown up. Maybe one of them from today, the others from yesterday. The social stuff is definitely broken for the time being, though I have got chests/hearts from the few people I do have.
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User Info: EddMario

4 years ago#4
You think that's bad? It says I have none, and every time I sign into my Gameloft account, it signs me out when I click "return to game".
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User Info: MoblinKing

4 years ago#5
I haven't got the trick of making people show up in the friends list, but once you /do/ have them I've found this is the only reliable way to get the chests. "Giver" is the person sending, "Receiver" is the person getting the chest:

1) Giver sends a chest/gift.
2) Receiver immediately force-quits the application. (See below.)
3) Receiver restarts application.
4) Chest appears in giver's world.
5) Giver can go to social tab to get the gift.

1) Tap the home button to go to your home screen.
2) Double-tap to bring up the multitasking tray.
3) Tap and hold on one of the icons in the multitasking tray. They'll start to shake and a "delete" icon will be overlaid.
4) Tap the "delete" icon. This will force the game out of the phone's memory so it restarts.

It seems like the social networking part of the application is only reliable for the first 2-3 minutes the game is open. I've tried this technique with my last 5 or 6 chests and not a one has failed.

User Info: shade505

4 years ago#6
I found that for those who get signed out when using the Social Tab:

1) Open the menu on the right
2) Go down to GameLoft.
3) Sign in there
3) Go back to the game
4) Now go to the Scoial tab and it should work.

Worked for me and my Galaxy Blaze, frustrated the hell outta me until that point. Now my friends just sit in the screen and it only says invited. Any advice, oh internets?

GL: krad99
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  3. Any advice on how to work the social stuff? It seems broken.

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