Add me! I give chests every day!

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User Info: pegasus1414

5 years ago#31
Please add Invrtdflite, I need friends for this game

User Info: Cyberslam8

4 years ago#32
Alright I'll try to add all of you, but my app has issues with letting me send gifts and chests to friends. So, while I am on every day, I may not be able to send gifts and chests every day, but I will try.

Gameloft: Cyberslam8
<--PSN & Xbox Live

User Info: Cyberslam8

4 years ago#33
I'm also gonna give all of your names to two of my friends, but they don't have Gameloft accounts yet so I can't say what they're names are yet.
<--PSN & Xbox Live

User Info: rottenlilmonstr

4 years ago#34
add me please, rottenlilmonstr.
i'm on everyday.

User Info: Jamar95

4 years ago#35
Gameloft I'd is Jamar95. New brony and proud of it.
3DS Friend Code: 2191-7798-3462

User Info: Cless012

4 years ago#36
i'll join in, GL: cless012

User Info: LadyAlandra

4 years ago#37
Hi there :) I want to add guys to play My little Pony together!
My User-ID is LadyAlandra :P

User Info: MeganYasaya

4 years ago#38
Hi, guys! I'm a huge brony and looking for some new friends in Ponyville! I give chests everyday and always active!! Please add me. :) I'm Megan Yasaya on there.

User Info: fwaboom

4 years ago#39
I am working my way through this list and sending friends requests. I will do my best to send chests. Please do add me.

Username: Fwaboom

I'm stuck on summoning Scootaloo. :| Can't seem to get another quest.

User Info: Jennstars

4 years ago#40
I've just went through and added pretty much everyone on this list!! Please check your GL account to add me :)

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  3. Add me! I give chests every day!

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