I need Scootaloo...help please

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  3. I need Scootaloo...help please

User Info: PinkieDash21

4 years ago#1
Hey everypony!

I need Scootaloo to complete a mission, but sadly I don't have many friends...so getting hearts is nearly impossible (and bucking sad)

So help me out and add me! My GL ID is: GlitteryUnicorn

Also, add this awesome brony as well: GL ID: dark_star_13

Thanks guys!

User Info: Blayshy

4 years ago#2
I am Blayshy. :)

Gameloft ID : BlayShy

User Info: CaptOnaway

4 years ago#3
I need scoots too. Add me Captonaway

User Info: erdahs

4 years ago#4
Please add me as well. GL - erdahs

User Info: Cless012

4 years ago#5
if you would, i'd like in on this too

GL: cless012

User Info: erdahs

4 years ago#6
Thank you to those who added me. I've got her now! If you would be so kind, my friend is also trying to get her. Please add GL- freewriter42.

User Info: LadyAlandra

4 years ago#7
Hi there :)
I'm GL LadyAlandra and would like to - what else, really ;) - start collecting hearts just as well!

User Info: Evermoresong

4 years ago#8
I am also in need of hearts for Scootaloo. Please add me, if it's not too much trouble. My username is the same as this one. That is to say, it's evermoresong. :)
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  2. My Little Pony: Welcome To Ponyville
  3. I need Scootaloo...help please

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