Another way to power lvl your daemons

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User Info: nozomisasaki

5 years ago#1
I found another way to power up your daemon, and putting some use to those frequent 3-star rating daemons that more often than not you won't need (e.g. those with low stat boost and no skills).

I'm taking some bits from arigato21, as he gave the fanstastic tip of getting fusion feeders off 2-2-1.

His strategy was to use of the same type, then fuse them to become a lvl5-7 1-star daemon. Then use that to fuse your main daemon.

With the 3-star daemon (e.g. Sayla), you fuse it with 3-4 1-star daemon (e.g. Kaede), though I'd prefer 4, to get your Sayla up to lvl 7. Then use the lvl 7 Sayla to boost your main, say Brigit for around 600+ xp. I can't verify the exact xp, as more often than not, you'll level up your daemon, unless your daemon is high enough a lvl.

Too bad I only noticed this after I've used my lvl 1 3-star daemon to lvl boost my 4-star daemons.

For me, I'll use 2-2-1 and 2-1-2 for boosting, as 2-1-2 has those anima magatamas.

Have fun fusing!
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  3. Another way to power lvl your daemons

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