Few things about summon update(maybe bugs?)

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  3. Few things about summon update(maybe bugs?)

User Info: pablomaster

4 years ago#1
Today when i went on the app, I got an alert that i have scrolls to collect. I went there and saw that all the bonuses were reset(in a stated where it seems you didn't collect at all). I tried collecting them and it let me ._. might be a bug due to auto update?

Another thing is that the 3 new daemons got released and I didn't get a message in news, but i did get the cut scene when i went to summon interface. Will these be easier to get compared to other daemons, due to being 3 star?

User Info: mojack411

4 years ago#2
I got the scroll bonuses again too. As for the new daemon, idk. Don't do rare summon except for the one time i raised 70 gold through promos. Got an ok Mara Mousette from it.
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User Info: Arigato21

4 years ago#3
So yeah, it does seem like Zynga messed up their update a bit and all your scroll bonuses were reset. I was able to retake all the divine nectar I got from rewards. Just think of it as an early Christmas present.
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  3. Few things about summon update(maybe bugs?)

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