How da Hell do i get Storm's silver/white cape!

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  3. How da Hell do i get Storm's silver/white cape!

User Info: ssbmchanp

4 years ago#1
I've done missiosn up to the point where i'm only collecting breifcases now. I can't battle for them... because i'm assuming i can only battle for resources i've collected before.

suxorz help me out?!?!

Also... anyone lookin to get rid of Jean Grey (Rare)? I got stuffz for trades.

User Info: _E_X_E_

4 years ago#2
Every mission up to 5-5 will provide a cape each. You just gotta trial and error to get it.
Alternatively you can choose 'battle' followed by 'select desired resource' ;)

User Info: Drogen24

4 years ago#3
There isn't a white or silver cape and you can get the one you need from battles.
On the battle page scroll down to the bottom and you'll see 'battle for resources If you choose that and then choose storms Cape from the options it will show you all 6 of storms capes that are available, the ones you haven't collected before are the ones in white but press one of the white spaces and you can target it

User Info: ssbmchanp

4 years ago#4
I have 5/6 capes. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple. What is the last color?

I'm up to mission 7 and none of the missions up to 5 have provided me the last color?

If i'm correct, the prizes never change per mission? A mission that yeilds the red cape, will only ever yeild the red cape. There in lies my problem. I never had a mission yeild the last color cape.

When in the battle page.. the last cape i don't have has a big "?" in it. I can't battle for it.....


User Info: aceverace

4 years ago#5
You can battle for resources you haven't gotten from missions. I had to for the assassin's choker since none of the missions gave me the last one I needed. When you go to battle for resources just pick the box with static in it.
IGN: aceverace
KIK: aceverace

User Info: ssbmchanp

4 years ago#6
Hehe, just won it. Now i feel silly.. Who knew i could jsut lcick the static box.

TY. Any JEan Grey RAres for trade?
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  3. How da Hell do i get Storm's silver/white cape!

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