How is it with a controller?

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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

3 years ago#1
I almost always prefer controllers, and this has full controller support so I imagine it'd play just fine. Just curious!

User Info: Syco Clown

Syco Clown
3 years ago#2
I have played for about an hour and works great with the 360 controller. No issues so far :)
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User Info: borrrn

3 years ago#3
yup, full analog movement, great immersion and a blast to play
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User Info: roadkill87au

3 years ago#4
Gamepads work great. Being able to creep forward slowly with the analog sticks adds to the immersion

User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#5
This game is going to be a PS4 release so it's no surprise the controller option works very well. It feels very natural playing this with a gamepad.
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User Info: Pepz

3 years ago#6
Thanks been wanting to know this as well! Might pick it up this weekend!
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