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User Info: Muppet Vader

Muppet Vader
4 years ago#1
What is Disgaea D2?

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is the fifth installment in the Disgaea franchise developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) and localized by Nippon Ichi Software America (NISA) for North America.

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is a direct sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It is NOT, however, to be confused with Disgaea 5 (which will be the sixth installment in the franchise, excluding various ports).

It is a turned based Japanese SRPG. http://disgaea.us/dis_d2/index.php

When will Disgaea D2 be released?

Disgaea: D2 was released in Japan on March 20th, 2013. Disgaea: D2 will be released on September 27th, 2013 in Europe and on October 8th, 2013 in North America.

Will Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness have a physical distribution as well as a PSN release?

Yes, this game will be available on both the PSN and at your local retailers, as well as available on line from Nippon Ichi Software. http://store.nisamerica.com/Preorders/Disgaea-D2-A-Brighter-Darkness-Standard-Edition

What does the "D2" stand for?

The D2 stands for "Dimension 2".

What is the chronological order for the Disgaea Series?

• Disgaea: Hour of Darkness; start timeline
• Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness; Harada is on record via twitter as saying this takes place before the events of Disgaea 2.
• Disgaea Infinite; Has to fall here in the timeline simply to avoid some paradox issues. At best it could be said to be taking place simultaneously to the events in Disgaea 3.
• Disgaea 3: Absense of Detention; certain events preclude the events in Disgaea 2, so this has to fit here, based solely on DLC appearances.
• Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. Again, this is based solely on DLC and post game appearances.
• Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

This is assuming that all DLC and post game is considered cannon for the series.

Is there a Special/Limited Edition?

Yes, however the Limited Edition is only available through the Nippon Ichi store and quantities are limited. At the time of this writing there is less than 25% of the stock remaining. And as with all previous LEs once it's gone, it's gone forever.

You can still pre-order them at this link:


What comes in the LE?

The Limited Edition Includes:
• Disgaea D2 Limited Edition box
• Disgaea D2 for PS3
• Full-color hardcover art book
• 2 disc original soundtrack with jewel case
• Collectors Box
• 2 Petite Figures (Etna and Flonne)
• 5 Collectors Art Cards

Where can I see screenshots and videos?

Here is a link to official screenshots published by NISA.


Here is an official trailer for the game.


You can also search YouTube for "Disgaea D2" to find a whole bunch of videos.

Is this a remake of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness?

No, this is a completely new game with a new story.

How different is this game play from the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness?

Well, it's basically the same, but it's been streamlined and given a whole new set of bells and whistles.

"36: God of Overlords"
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: Muppet Vader

Muppet Vader
4 years ago#2
New Additions

• Cheat Shop - A new feature that streamlines a lot of features from the previous entries various game adjustments can be made here.

• Promoting - You are no longer required to reincarnate a character in order to move to the next rank of that character's class. For instance, your Rank 1 Lady Fighter can promote into Rank 2 without having to start over on level 1.

• Fist Combos - Fists have a chance to perform multiple hits now, but also have lowered damage over all.

• Gun Damage - Guns now deal damage based on how far you are away from your target.

• Staves - Staff damage is now based on a characters Int.

• Throw Ranges - Throwing a character is no longer a straight line execution. You're able to throw diagonally the same way you'd target with a spell.

• Riding Monsters - Magichange is gone. Now you have Monster Mounting! Humanoid characters can now ride on the backs of monster characters to perform combo attacks. A mounted monster uses the humanoid's offensive attributes for attacking and the monster's defensive attributes for defense.

• Evility Stealing - Character's can now steal evilities from other characters. This effectively removes the evility from said character and gives it to the one doing the stealing.

• Land of Carnage - The Land of Carnage is back, and now it is possible to get a permanent stat gain from defeating characters in the LoC.

• Devil Dojo - Placing characters into the Devil Dojo will grant them various benefits, ranging from battle spoils and stat increases during leveling to random aptitude gains.


• Duping - It's gone.

• Item Rarity - Numerical values for items is gone. Items are simply Common, Rare, and Legendary. If you have a common item that you want to change into a legendary item, you'll first need to travel to level 30 in the Item Sea to change it to Rare, then travel to level 60 in it's Item Sea to transform it into a Legendary.

• Game Over - You're no longer required to load a save game when you lose. Instead you're sent back to town when you get the "Game Over" screen.

• Master/Pupil - No range requirements for using a master's skills. unique and captured characters can become anyone's pupil.

• Master/pupil relation can be changed anytime outside of combat.

• Music Shop - The Music Shop was moved into the record keeper.

• Color Shop - The color shop is no longer around, instead you have alternate coloring options based on which tiers you've unlocked for any given class. There is no cost for palate swaps.

• Item Bag - The item bag has been changed. You no longer have a Warehouse and Item Bag that you can toggle through. Instead, the Item Bag is a single screen that stores all of your items.

• Countering - All characters can now counter spells and skills if they are in range.

• Stealing - All characters can now be more effective at stealing, once they reach a high enough level (compared to the target) they will gain a 99% probability.

• Weapon Masteries have returned, and Books are a new equipable weapon for spell casters, however they are functionally different than Staves.

"36: God of Overlords"
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: Muppet Vader

Muppet Vader
4 years ago#3
What characters are featured in Disgaea: D2?

Larharl, Etna and Flonne are returning in this installment and will be featured as the main protagonists, as well as some new editions to the roster.

Which Generic classes are in?

• Archer - The classic archer class from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
• Armor Knight - A female Armor Knight class debuts.
• Beastmaster - The monster buffing wild child from Disgaea 3 and 4.
• Celestial Host (Female) - The classic Angel from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
• Celestial Host (Male) - A new male verision of the angelic class.
• Fight Mistress - First appeared in Disgaea 3, replaces the original Female Brawler.
• Gunner - Not much has changed about the ever present gunner, first appeared in Disgaea 2.
• Healer - The classic female Cleric from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
• Magic Knight - A name change for the original Knight from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
• Magicians - Formerly known as Skulls. The preeminent spell casters.
• Martial Artist - First appeared in Disgaea 3, replaces the original Male Braler.
• Masked Hero - The item world sprinter and idol to prinnies, originally from Disgaea 3.
• Ninja - An updated original class.
• Onmyo Monk - Item world manipulater and spell caster, replaces the Scout's utility.
• Priest - A male version of the Healer class.
• Samurai - The classic lady sword master returns with a slightly updated look.
• Sorcerer - Replaces the original (maid outfit) mage with look from Disgaea 2.
• Thief - A female rogue that replaces the classic male thief, first appeared in Disgaea 2.
• Valkyrie - The original Female Warrior.
• Warrior - The original Male Warrior.
• Witch - Replaces the Mage class, first seen in Disgaea 2.

Which Monster classes are in?

• Death - Originally seen in Disgaea 2, it replaces the classic Death monster.
• Dragon - A classic monster class. It's a dragon!
• Flora Beast - Originally from Disgaea 2, a demon that looks like a plant.
• Gargoyle - A classic monster class, stone guardians of the Netherworld.
• Ghost - A classic monster class, the spirits of dead fairies.
• Golem - A classic monster class, demons embodying power.
• Great Wyrm - A classic monster class, a fiery dragon lord.
• Living Armor - A classic monster class, a suit of armor given life.
• Mothman - Originally from Disgaea 3, this flying demon returns for Item Sea spanning.
• Nekomata - A female cat-woman, a returning classic.
• Noble Demon - An updated classic.
• Prinny - C'mon, dood! The mascot monster class, a demonic penguin housing the souls of dead humans.
• Pumpkinhead - A classic monster class, a deadly scarecrow.
• Rifle Demon - A classic monster class, a long range demon with a mounted arm cannon.
• Sea Angel - A new monster class, this underwater demon is still somewhat of a mystery.
• Shark Dragon - The original Serpent is back by popular(?) demand!
• Slime - Originally Disgaea 4, this mound of digestive goop returns.
• Slumbercat - A cute and deadly kitty class originally seen in Disgaea 3.
• Succubus - A classic monster class, female demons that feed on slumbering boys.
• Zombie - Om nom, brains... A returning classic.

"36: God of Overlords"
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User Info: Muppet Vader

Muppet Vader
4 years ago#4

Like previous entries of the series on current gen consoles, DLC characters are being released in waves for Disgaea: D2.

To date, this information is based on the Japanese DLC waves and is subject to change. http://disgaea.jp/d2/dlc/dlc_top.html

Release Day DLC
• The classic costumes for Laharl, Flonne and Etna will be available for download.
• Fuuka and Desco will be available for download at launch. They'll be free to purchase for the first month and then will become paid DLC, as was the case in Japan as well.
• Raspberyl will be free with the Prima LE Strategy Guide pre-order. She'll also be available in in wave 2.

Post Launch DLC
• DLC Wave 1: Adell, Rozalin, Lilliel
• DLC Wave 2: Mao, Rasberyl, Salvatore
• DLC Wave 3: Alex, Pram, Zetta
• DLC Wave 4: Ash, Marona, Metallica
• DLC Wave 5: Eclair, Priere, Overlord Priere
• DLC Wave 6: Gig, Nisa, Plume

How much are the DLC's?

Currently there aren't any set prices available. If you base and estimate off of the previous entries in the series, we can expect to pay $2-$4 a character. If they release them as bundles we might see $7-$10 character packs.

It's all pure speculation at this point. Q&As with the devs have given that range, so it's a good estimate, at least. Best we can do for now.

Currently there hasn't been any announcements for extended game play feature DLC, like Raspberyl's story, for Disgaea: D2.

How difficult is it to get Max Stats/Max Level Weapons in this game?

The process has been streamlined quite a bit but it does still require a time investment. Items can be leveled up to 300 and then repeatedly delved into to continue to increase the item's stats. A patch in Japan has been been released that increases the item level to 999. Double killing Item Generals/Kings/Gods is out and can continue to raise an item's stats even after level 999 by going back into the item.

It's possible the game may come pre-patched when it hits U.S. shores.

HolyLancer9 has hinted at making a detailed guide, so keep an eye out for that!

Credit due...

Special thanks to the following for providing so much information on these boards:
HolyLancer9, r0xm2n, Unknown_PC, 228zip, RudyBeoulve

"36: God of Overlords"
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User Info: lumina_angel

4 years ago#5
;^; i want it now! thanks for the FAQ
3DS FC: 3480-2670-5101, Smoke

User Info: Goku61394

4 years ago#6
Is there a place where I can see pictures of all the monsters in the game?
What is Zapdos? Please don't spoil the game for me cuz I never completed the main quest." halofan9912

User Info: 228zip

4 years ago#7
Goku61394 posted...
Is there a place where I can see pictures of all the monsters in the game?
That way : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrWWlyuPwno
Video courtesy of Snorlax Exlax.

User Info: Goku61394

4 years ago#8
I was looking at your old topic for the dlc characters and saw overlord Prier. Who exactly is she?
What is Zapdos? Please don't spoil the game for me cuz I never completed the main quest." halofan9912

User Info: Muppet Vader

Muppet Vader
4 years ago#9
Goku61394 posted...
I was looking at your old topic for the dlc characters and saw overlord Prier. Who exactly is she?

Overlord Priere is Priere that has been transformed into a demon overlord at the end of La Pucelle: Ragnarok.

Priere is the protagonist from La Pucelle, she's a spunky little maiden.

Here's a link to her wiki page: http://disgaea.wikia.com/wiki/Priere
"36: God of Overlords"

User Info: Goku61394

4 years ago#10
Ah I've only played la Pucelle tactics
What is Zapdos? Please don't spoil the game for me cuz I never completed the main quest." halofan9912
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