3x3 Skills

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User Info: zekryn2

4 years ago#1
I'm currently leveling up Flonne, Petta, and Artina in CoO6 with Tera Fire, and before I get too far ahead with with just magic, was just wondering what 3x3 skills we have. Is Big Bang still the best choice for melee characters?
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User Info: jonnovision1

4 years ago#2
ya Big Bang is the best, or at least easiest to get option for melee
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User Info: aces4839

4 years ago#3
there's that, magic, OR the tier 7 skill gun skill called Double Hell Limbo that has that range.
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User Info: Bakuryu16

4 years ago#4
If you're interested in DLC characters skills, Priere has a spell with the same Target Area as Big bang, meaning 3x3 in front of her. Also, I think I saw someone with a 3x3 Spell that can be placed 3 spaces away in a cross pattern, much like the gun skills; might be wrong about that one though
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User Info: 228zip

4 years ago#5
Desco still has Yog Sothoth, but without the range.
Axel also has Love Dynamite T which is 3x3 and rated C.
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