How strong does a trap become?

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  3. How strong does a trap become?

User Info: Klyern

4 years ago#1
Can you post your trap stats and what level it is, im interested in knowing how strong will the trap im about to get will become, i just stole a rare arcadia and im having trouble finding a legendary one from the Pringer Zs.

On that line, Pringer Z does come with legendary arcadia too right? im not resetting for nothing?

User Info: troqu

4 years ago#2
My 3 lvl 300 trap that I leveled in normal/no-rasetsu have 325k-350k hp and 163K-180k in the rest of the stats and SP. The difference comes from the pirates killed and item general/king/god rooms encountered.

The one I'm currently working on in Loc/Rasetsu is lvl 250, has 1.16M hp, 580K SP, and 430K in all the rest of the stats. I'm also running with the extra pirate bill on and so I've killed a lot of them.
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User Info: DragoniteX1

4 years ago#3
My first level 999 Trapezohedron had 1.5M in all stats, 60M HP and SP, and 2.3M INT(6 INT Bills). However, if you leveled up a Super Time Engine and killed tons of pirates, it can have equal stats like a Trapezohedron. My strongest items have 2.4M in all stats.

By the way, you can just steal a Normal Arcadia and clear all floors to turn it into a Rare version, and 60 more floors for a Legendary version.
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User Info: Klyern

4 years ago#4
awesome, thanks guys.

Thats just the info i was hoping for, i wanted to know how different a trap's stats were from low level to high nearly maxed lvl.

User Info: xXElite6

4 years ago#5
is it best to take item growth + 5% on these (asap) or get it to level 999 then take stat increase of 20%?

User Info: grandcalabash

4 years ago#6
the general consensus from this board is to go with movement.

User Info: grandcalabash

4 years ago#7
also +20 percent and when you apply it doesn't change the growth.

User Info: MystearicaGrant

4 years ago#8
Increase growth stuff is the worst.

Consensus is actually +20% OR the variety stuffs. The logic behind each is like so:

You'll max out anyway, +20% gets you there with less work


You'll max out anyway, may as well make the bills still matter once you do.

Take yer pick, there is no wrong choice between the two sides.
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User Info: grandcalabash

4 years ago#9
also with the variety stuff pay attention to what you can get from specialists instead.

User Info: Klyern

4 years ago#10
^ basically he is saying dont go for crit since you can get that with professionals (innocent for crit)

Also, i think adding range to an armor doesnt affect your range at all, so your fist range wont become 2 if you have a trap with range +1, i tried that out with the first armor i got to 30, so unless i remember wrong it doesnt work.
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  3. How strong does a trap become?

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