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User Info: squarex8264

4 years ago#11
Actually, back in the day this would have never been created after the fact like it was now, and the main game wouldn't have been as awesome as it was.
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User Info: Cubis101

4 years ago#12
Both sides need to calm down.

Everyone here needs to understand that with the industry adapting the industry as a whole has degraded. We no longer expect a longer and more enjoyable experience and story when it comes to a game because "oh it will just have DLC" Overall it takes away from what a game could have been without the whole business aspect of DLC. The industry has turned from making high quality games with a lot put into them to a cash-machine. Sure there are still developers who try really hard and it is up to us the gamers to appreciate it when a game has high quality much like Deus Ex did. Video gaming as a whole has fallen from being an art to becoming a business, it's no longer about new and exciting gameplay or being innovative. Today it has fallen to sales records and when the next DLC package will be pushed out.

In today's aspect especially in the developer's eyes it takes a lot to make a game let alone one that is successful. DLC allows the developers to keep creating content long after a game is finished or at its own deadline to be finished or pushed out into the market. Sometimes it does take away from what the game could have been, but at the same time it also allows for creative expansions after the game can no longer be altered. I like free DLC as much as the next gamer, but at the same time it's like working really hard on something and not getting paid for it. In a topic such as this it is important for both sides to understand why DLC is needed in today's market, but also how DLC can either hurt or help a game.
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User Info: DakhanavarX

4 years ago#13
How far back in the day? Like Atari or NES? Because back in the day this could've been as much content as a couple entire games.
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User Info: HeyPeterMan

4 years ago#14
i side with harrison on this one. he is just sick of the same old dlc troll topics. the tc had no real point xcept to cry. i totally agree..... adapt or go back to playing your old games. you always have a choice to do that but people prefer to whine these days.
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User Info: Alex_Sage

4 years ago#15
Whatever, I'm fat and I have 2 dads.
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User Info: gamesrgreat

4 years ago#16
I love DLC as long as it isn't just costume packs or whatever. Good expansions/add-ons are definitely worth paying for imo
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