Would prefer story / mission based content

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User Info: gamecube101

4 years ago#11
All right then, since I'm assuming no detractors actually got the challenge pack, here's what it actually entails:

- 2 stealth based challenges. One where you gather clues to identify and eliminate a target at a party, and one where you break into a mansion to steal 6 items plus all the loot you can carry.

-3 "combat" challenges. One where you kill waves of enemies, one where you shoot oil cans out of the air (A skeet shooting sort of thing) and one where you have only a crossbow and must stealthily and quickly move through a level eliminating all the assassins.

- 2 puzzle challenges. one where you are given a set up of enemies and must use environmental kills and powers to kill them all, but are only given three seconds in between each kill. The other is you are given a set up of enemies in an enclosed environment, when you enter time freezes and you have a time limit to accomplish your goal (kill x amount of enemies, eliminate targets without guards finding the body afterwards, etc.)

-3 speed challenges. One where you must blink around an environment tagging the red beams of light, one standard time trial, get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and one where you are given a string of drop assassinations, kill from as high up and as quickly as possible for the most points.

As you can see Arkane did a good job providing a mix of different game types. Not everything is just a time trial. Sure it's there, but the other missions are what really shine. Stealth and puzzle missions are both excellent and a great deal of both fun and thinking. The speed and combat are a mixed bag, but drop assassination and crossbow challenges are both a ton of fun, and all the challenges have depth. Easy to learn, difficult to master. For 5$, you get a really excellent mix of all different gameplay elements of dishonored. It's a damn fine mint, if you ask me.

User Info: Rasko501

4 years ago#12
Appreciate the info, gamecube.

Sounds more interesting than I thought. Arkane clearly put some effort into this content, and certainly the price is more than fair.

Still doesn't sound like my cup of tea, so I'll continue to anxiously await my story-based content!
GT - AcquittedArtist

User Info: amiva

4 years ago#13
I also appreciate the description of content....but I will pass. The whole point of the game was to take on situations as you see fit, so having to shot barrels, kill as quickly as you can with crossbow, etc. is not what I want out of it. I couldn't care less about topping someone's score in an arcade trial.
Give me a new district/city to accomplish a story type campaign and hopefully soon before i trade this in.
This was a fun game but the actual amount of content is about 15% of what I'm experiencing now in Farcry 3..
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