Sweet it camed out today.

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User Info: Latioscatcher

4 years ago#1
Oh boy it's worth the 5.43 I spent!
lol wut?

User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#2
4.99 here lol
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User Info: Latioscatcher

4 years ago#3
The tax man
Why is there online tax now ;_;
God darn california
lol wut?

User Info: repta55

4 years ago#4
i paid tax on my copy. im from pa.
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User Info: larryp78

4 years ago#5
What phones do u guys have its not showing up where I am I got the HTC EVO 4g lte

User Info: Big_Hurt

4 years ago#6
yeah it wont show up on my Samsung Galaxy S3
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