Just bought original game on PS1.

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User Info: zombie_basher13

4 years ago#1
Proud and happy to add it to my DQ collection. Not counting spin offs, pretty much all I need now is DQ 1-3 on Gameboy, because there's no other better versions in US, sadly (wish so bad we got the Wii Anniversary, dammit what misery not to get that, WHAT MISERY I TELL YA). Black label, discs in good condition, manual included. $60. Would you say that's a good deal? I'd say not bad. For a rare game like this, in good condition, hell yeah. Only problem is, a crack on the front. Oh well.

So I guess uh, rate my purchase from 1-10? I'd say 8. Because of the crack and because I could've got it cheaper for about ten bucks on Amazon. Still, you never know with ordering online....
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User Info: Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 7
4 years ago#2
10 because it's a great game, far better than the 3DS version.

User Info: nfrazee28

4 years ago#3
If you get a replacement double thick jewel case to "fix" the crack, that shouldn't be all that expensive, and I won't tell anybody if you don't...

Even if you want it to be a little more authentic and actually be from a PS1 game rather than a generic replacement jewel case, I can't imagine it would cost all that much to get a copy of Golden Nugget casino or some other such common and valueless PS1 game also in a double-thick. There are dozens of copies of Golden Nugget on ebay right now for a dollar or two before the shipping. Golden Nugget in a cracked case once you swap them: big deal.
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User Info: WeretigerRei

4 years ago#4
how do you get at the labels in a double thick PS1 jewel case without breaking it open?

User Info: Melodia

4 years ago#5
Very easily. They snap off. You might want to practice on some old already broken cases first, but once you know what to do it's not a problem.
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User Info: SpaceDesperado

4 years ago#6
Dragon Quest 7 posted...
10 because it's a great game, far better than the 3DS version.

could you let us know why have a problem with the 3ds version that makes the ps1 'far better'?

i'm genuinly curious as to whether i should play the psx version or wait for the 3ds version to come over here.

i know how they streamlined the very beginning and the changed they job system somewhat but is there anything else i should be wary of?

User Info: Slimeknight

4 years ago#7
@Dragon Quest 7. What don't you like about the 3DS version? Not that I'm disagreeing with you.
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User Info: mucals

4 years ago#8
He can't pirate it. He doesn't even have the game.

User Info: KaspaUFgator

4 years ago#9
Slimeknight posted...
@Dragon Quest 7. What don't you like about the 3DS version? Not that I'm disagreeing with you.

I want to know this as well....
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