Have you guys played all the DQ games?

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  3. Have you guys played all the DQ games?

User Info: DoctorCrabMD

4 years ago#1
I had only finished #8 and #9 until recently. I just played through the original game on a friend's NES within the last week. I really want to play all of the main games.

User Info: yab

4 years ago#2
the main series (except for X) yeah. Haven't kept up with the Monsters series or spin-offs much

User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#3
I haven't played 3, 7, or 8, and I haven't finished 2.
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User Info: link_15

4 years ago#4
I haven't played 1,2,3,7,8.
But I did finish 4,5,6,9.
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User Info: WeekendRisktake

4 years ago#5
IV and X are the only main-series DQ games I have never played. Beaten I, III, V, VI, IX, and now VII. Also played the first DQMonsters, Rocket Slime and its predecessor, and a couple more random spin-offs.

User Info: nfrazee28

4 years ago#6
I'm an all the way back to 1989 on NES guy (I'm 39 years old). I've played and beaten 1-4 NES, 4-6 DS, and I'm well into the postgame with IX. I've played the first roughly third of PS1 DW7 and I've played the first few minutes of VIII. One of these days I'm going to put VII and VIII higher on the to-do list and finish / play them.

Yes, I highly recommend you play all of them.
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User Info: JL Lee

JL Lee
4 years ago#7
Have played, and replayed via the remakes, all of them, except for the travesty that is X, seeing as it is an online game...and a Wii online game at that...
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User Info: Erugios

4 years ago#8
By all accounts, X is actually a pretty solid entry in the franchise according to a lot of the friends I have that are playing it.

In any case, I've played every main series game except X. I've also played most of the remakes except Slime Mori Mori 3, Itadaki Street PS2 and DS (the PSP one was pretty good and much better than the Wii version), Young Yangus, and Torneko 3. I haven't played Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory but I HAVE played MBRL2
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User Info: EspicaGF

4 years ago#9
I've played all the main series games up to IX.
I haven't beaten V, VI, and VII.

User Info: Foofyhead

4 years ago#10
I think I have except for some of the GB monsters games. At least, I've played all the numbered ones, the Slime one, the Swords one, the Wars one, and the Jokers. I've beaten all that I've played.

Am I missing any other US releases?
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  3. Have you guys played all the DQ games?

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