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User Info: WeretigerRei

4 years ago#1
Hey, krw703 when you stream your game can you not power through the text so fast? I have a friend who can read furigana.

User Info: krw703

4 years ago#2
Sorry about that, I'm usually going through the text that fast due to the nature of the playthrough I'm doing. I'll keep that in mind the next time I cast.

Won't be for a while though. I'm going to finish the rest of Dharma past offline so if you need to catch up on the story watch kouli's youtube videos. There's a boss near the end of the 6 Arena fights that is basically luck based due to sleep spam and enemies that reduce defense to 0...

My luck on cast is usually bad... so I'm totally not casting that.
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User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#3
Well those battles aren't that luck based in fact if you started the Inopp and Gonz battle at level 1 and actually had Marbiel/Gabo survive (and the hero dead) the other 2 PC's will easily gain like 5 levels.

So Gabo's bark skill (at level 2) can effect the 6 arena enemies (but only the 3 targets that aren't the main target) can effect them most of the time.

Besides on Kouli's last video he's already at the Madra region with all 4 PCs in the Hero job AND at level 99 for all 4 PCs.

User Info: krw703

4 years ago#4
"You are ignoring 1 message(s) from users on this page."

I don't care for your opinion vegh, so stop giving your "advice" to me. That personal insult on that other topic went too far.

Anyway, I regrettably had to level up Gabo to level 10 in order to advance or rather I'd hoped that was the only thing I'd have to do... The 4th fight proved to be too crazy luck based to pass and I'd constantly fail at that point. I still had 5 Seeds of Defense left from treasure chests/pots/etc so I used 4 of those to bring Gabo's defense up a nice 20 points.

1st try win after that so I'm kind of mad that I could have done this at a much lower level if I had used the seeds earlier. Antoria was easy, spam Sleep Staff, hope that he doesn't kill you and leave the attacking to Fosse.

Dharma past cleared. Job changes unlocked.

So that means I have some hefty casino playing and a fair bit of job grinding to do. Fairy Swords aren't available from the Dharma present casino anymore so I can't get away with zero class grinding, and you cannot use Seeds of Magic on characters with 0 MP in the 3DS version so I can't just get buff from Priest to move on.

The run down here is simple:
- Win armor from Lucky Panel
- Win a couple copies of Flame Claws from Lucky Panel (deals around 80 damage when used as an item in battle)
- Win a Rockbomb Heart from Lucky Panel and have Gabo class change into it. He fights 99 battles to learn Sacrifice.
- Grind until the Hero and Maribel master Magic Knight and max priest as well for Zing. Y'know, just in case.

Going to take a while, I won't need to advance the story at all. I will not be cheating and maxing Hero or Summoner. That's just beyond boring and completely unnecessary until Aira joins the party.
PSN/twitchtv: krw703; Now Playing: Dragon Quest 7 (3DS)
Dharma lv1:

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#5
But zing can fail in fact if I were to do such a game I'd rather just learn Sacrifice off the Godhand Class not the Rockbomb class.

But that's because Godhand learns the 100% revive spell that NEVER fails even if it costs more MP per use.

So I'd rather revive a PC that died via sacrifice will a revive spell that always works (or carry/buy) world leaves from that 1 shop in Krage for 1000 per copy (which revives like the Zing spell) only the item has a 100% success rate.

As for Lucky panel good luck with that since IMHO its just quicker to master Godhand for Sacrfice + the 100% revive spell that it would be to randomly win the Rockbomb heart.

Also the Thief/Fighter Class is a must if after you use Sacrifice + Zing you want to save on MP but NOT using the Priests Expel spell on the targets that don't die from Sacrifice since Expel costs MP but the Thief/Fighter moves don't (only the physical move) only hits 1 target per use.

Also Sacrifice when used targtets ALL enemies on screen and if all the enemies die from it that battle may NOT count for job levels.

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