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User Info: ZeroJinKui

4 years ago#1
ok, i am currently doing this battle in wu's story... and it is now telling me to advance without being detected by wei forces, while zhou yu runs off, supposedly as a decoy.

only problem is... i dont know where the HELL the game wants me to go!

it has several officers marked on the map, and the mark on one vanishes as zhou yu passes by the area... but that apparently has no meaning to it.

i've tried going down EVERY SINGLE PATH available to me, but i get spotted on all of them... there is no way i can sneak by... there are no safe paths... zhou yu is a CRAPPY ****ING DECOY!

the game doesnt even tell me where to go... i dont expect handholding, but i expect some goddamn coherent direction in battle.

can someone tell me what i am supposed to do before i decide to throw myself in front of a car to ease my frustration?
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User Info: Taterzz

4 years ago#2
the path is more or less laid out to you by the indicators. i believe it's the stage where you start off by making a pincer attack? then you have to go through the valley without being seen? for that second half, you're supposed to kill the officers before they can sound the alarm or whatever as you snake your way down the pass for zhou yu to attract i think it was zhang he and someone else.

or you can follow this guide

i didn't use zhou yu so i can't really vouch for the guide lol.
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User Info: imitebjoe

4 years ago#4
well i just did this, and you are meant to get spotted, but that just means you have to kill them fast

you wanna be going down the ravine bit, not up on the cliffs
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