Ma Chao

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User Info: thegame7885

4 years ago#1
So I'm playing the wei storyline, on hard....loving the movesets for most character except dian wei, never really liked it, too slow but that's me.

Anyway, I dont remember the stage name, but its the one where you fight ma chao twice. First, the calvary in this stage is godly lol. Middle of a great combo, only for a calvary peon to come and truck xiahou yuan (character im using for the stage) smh.

Get to the end of the stage after whooping pang de, and han sui, destroying every ballista, every officers, collecting weapons....had to be rare weapons too. Had to have at least 1400 k.o.'s

I get to MA CHAO, get to a quarter of his life remaing, and I have him juggled and what happens?!?!?! Air musou on me and I am hit with defeat/game over!!!!! -_- total shock lol.

User Info: OldKye

4 years ago#2
Yeah his air musou is pretty boss lol better luck next time.

That's the trade off of this kind of game when it's easy it's really easy and when it's hard it's really hard and you lose like 30mins of play lol.

Try intermediate save next time.

User Info: mkfighter

4 years ago#3
The stage you're talking about is Battle of Tong Gate.

I had trouble with this stage too, it can be frustrating after losing just once because the stage is pretty long and complex. Try to in-game save if you're in a good position to, like when you're winning. That way, if someone takes you out then you can always just start from where you last were.

I didn't have much trouble dealing with Ma Chao but Pang De would get on my nerves everytime I had to start over... I kept failing to prevent him from ratting on my side to Han Sui...

User Info: thegame7885

4 years ago#4
Appreciated for the advice. I'm pretty bad at the game saves, as I'm just not wired to do that when playing a stage, or really any game for that matter. What I ended up doing was abusing xiahou yuans ex skill (got his 5th weapon) in free mode for added insurance, while also using a rare siege spear. (This spear does crazy damage with its charge attacks.)

Completely owned the entire stage, and made sure I kept a fair distance from ma chao until I owned him w the rage musou. Honestly, the most challenging stage I've played so far.

User Info: Nathalmighty1

4 years ago#5
Come and watch how Ma Chao fights a battle!!

User Info: zhaoyun99

4 years ago#6
If you get to play as Ma Chao, try to master his Musou 2 because that Musou was not only baddass but also extremely damaging and a good crowd clearer as well.
"Another has fallen to my spear!!!" Zhao Yun

User Info: thegame7885

4 years ago#7
Agreed, I've been thinking of using ma chao in ambition mode. I gotta say, his ex skill is just ridiclous....and I'd rank him my top 3 along with lu bu and xiahou dun. Add Zhang Liao too. And Xu Huang smh...dang.

User Info: Nathalmighty1

4 years ago#8
Yeah Ma Chao is a bit of a tank! I do find some of his moves a bit boring though. But his musou and his EX do make up for that!

User Info: thegame7885

4 years ago#9
Absolutely, ma chao's spear should definitely have more flash to, similiar too zhao yun but with more power. For example, the switch attack for ma chao's spear was I believe default for zhao yun in dynasty warriors 6 (btw, I do miss the renbu system.)

And a side note, I think ma chao should be godly on the horse, maybe similiar to how sun jian is in this installment. They should bring thay back for ma chao, where he twirls his spear amd unleashes a shock wave. That's missing.

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