Dynasty Warriors 9 , new faction and characters ?

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User Info: Rasolisu

4 years ago#21
Planescaped posted...
Aside from a Yuan Shu and Liu Biao force, there really aren't any other prominent other additions unless Koei start getting really crazy with the hypothetical scenarios.

Liu Biao/ Yuan Shu are already scraping the bottom of the barrel... but they would be better than Gongsun Zan/Ma Teng/whoever. Hence why I said to not expect them until DW 10/11

Well they can always go the route of DW3 XL and give them their own rather expansive story mode...

Give Liu Biao, Yuan Shu, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao, ect a real time to shine.
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User Info: Planescaped

4 years ago#22
Liu Biao already has quite a few officers in the game who served him, or mostly served him; Gan Ning, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, and Xu Shu. Add Wen Pin, Cai Mao/someone and his scheming wife on top of that and you've got a force.

Yuan Shao has Zhang He and Zhen Ji. Add Yan Liang, Wen Chou, Yuan Tan, Shen Pei, and whoever and you have a force.

Yuan Shu only really had Ji Ling, unless Koei want to admit that Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai and Han Dang served him, which they did, until Sun Ce rebelled.
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User Info: LiuTai

4 years ago#23
AC Unit posted...
I suppose in future we might, underline 'might' see a Lu Bu faction.
Gao Shun is one of the top ten most requested adds so we may see him in the future. Chen Gong is a sure thing now that he has his own artwork. Then there's the hypothetical Lu Ling Qi as well as possibly Zang Ba (who like Zhang Liao can double as a Wei add)

So you may potentially have as a Lu Bu faction:

Lu Bu
Diao Chan
Chen Gong
Zhang Liao
Zang Ba
Gao Shun
Lu Ling Qi

And if they really want to stretch it, they can just pull a Dynasty Tactics 2 and yank Ma Chao's forces and stick them in the Lu Bu faction.
Not likely to happen I know. Then again I wouldn't expect Lu Bu to have his own faction in DW anytime soon anyways.

Throw in Wei Xu. He was apparently related to Lu Bu by family and trusted enough to receive Gao Shun's crack troops at one point. Either way, I wouldn't mind seeing Lu Bu get a semi-faction of his own.

User Info: LiuTai

4 years ago#24
Planescaped posted...
Yuan Shao has Zhang He and Zhen Ji. Add Yan Liang, Wen Chou, Yuan Tan, Shen Pei, and whoever and you have a force.

Why Yan Liang and Wen Chou? I could at least believe Yuan Tan (though I would prefer Yuan Shang), and Shen Pei wouldn't be a bad pick, but I'd sooner take Guo Tu over the warriors with next to nothing to their names in both history and fiction.

User Info: dragonkyn20

4 years ago#25
dude, at least wait a few months before brainstorming since 8 just came out.
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#26
ITT: What is historical accuracy?
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User Info: MHNetio

4 years ago#27
diebuster2 posted...
DotsAndLines posted...
xsniper90x posted...
snae99 posted...
tommy vercetti 2 posted...
Rishnix posted...
What is this? I don't even...

User Info: Mwulf

4 years ago#28
MizunoRyuu posted...
ITT: What is historical accuracy?

Not something anyone with half a brain would expect from a Musou game?
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User Info: charlton3k

4 years ago#29
What series was Jin introduced though?

User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#30
I see the biggest possible faction contenders be Lu Bu, the Yuans and the Ma clan. Yuan Shu is needed to fill in a lot of dealings with Lu Bu (hell even for most of Wu's early stages he is pretty much required).

Lu Bu can easily have around 12 stages, which I already went into detail with in a Lu Ling Qi topic.

Yuan Shao can get pretty far. His intro could be very important to detail some longstanding missing story from Cao Cao's beginnings. Show him as a child being adopted into the Yuan family and Yuan Shu angered by this, as he loses his eldest heir to the clan position. Show him meeting Cao Cao and them learning the teachings together, show that they respect men of talent regardless of their stature, unlike Yuan Shu. It should end with him working under He Jin.

Stage 1 Attack on the partisans: Starting his hunt for partisans under Han orders(throw in some finctional Yellow Turbans and Zhao Yun on Yuan Shao's side like DW5 to tie that in without having an empty battlefield as a first stage).

Stage 2 Death to the eunuchs: The eunuchs ambush and kill He Jin, Yuan Shao (together with Yuan Shu) takes revenge by slaying all eunuchs on palace grounds and also meets Dong Zhuo.

Stage 3 Coalition against Dong Zhuo: Yuan Shao leads the attack on the villain who abuses the Han emperor.

Stage 4 Battle of Yangcheng: Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu come at an impass as the coalition falls apart. Yuan Shao fights Yuan Shu and Sun Jian.

Stage 5 Battle of Jieqiao: Gonsun Zan blames Yuan Shao for his brother's death during the anti Dong Zhuo battles and starts a war with him.

Stage 6 Battle of Changshan: A cease fire between Zan and Shao is ordered by the Han. Together and with the help of Lu Bu, they must deal with Zhang Yan. However, Gonsun Zan allies with Yan to defeat Yuan Shao. Lu Bu destroys most of the bandits and Shao kills Gonsun Zan, taking all the land above the Yellow River. Yuan Shao tries to assassinate Lu Bu at the end, but Bu manages to escape.

Stage 7 Battle of Guan Du: Yuan Shao clashes with Cao Cao for control of the central plains. Time for some fictional turn around. Yuan Shao orders Xu You to be slain before he can reach Cao Cao, thus the Wu Chao supply compound can never be found. Shao's massive army takes Guan Du castle and Yuan Shao defeats Cao Cao, they remember there childhood days during the final sword clash.

Stage 8 War on the Ma clan: Yuan Shao finally has the Han emperor back under his wing. Ma Teng, Han Sui and others from the Liang province take up arms against the Han once more. Yuan Shao will subdue them once and for all.

Stage 9 Attack on Jing province: Yuan Shao still holds a grudge against Liu Bei, for his brother slayed Yan Liang and Wen Chou. Liu Biao has the audacity to shelter him, so both will pay on the Yuan family name.

Stage 10 Siege of Jian Ye: All that is left is Sun Quan of Wu. The brother of the man that betrayed Yuan Shao's cousin Shu. All their land was gained through Yuan power. So to right the wrongs and unify the land under a Yuan controlled noble Han, Yuan Shao sets out to take the lands of Wu.
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