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User Info: MushuPork222

4 years ago#21
To be honest, I started writing this thinking it would be just this little blurb, but then I kept remembering things and rambling on and on... Hopefully this can be used as a springboard for ideas and tips for the time being, though. And if you guys want we can turn our findings into a Wiki or I can expand it more thoroughly into a FAQ somewhere down the road.

More on topic: Can somebody help me confirm the Farmer giving materials? I'd kept tabs for 10 battles or so and didn't see either material count move, but it's always possible that I had a derp moment and lost track of my numbers. And that's interesting about the Circle Blade; I knew there were some good elemental horse attacks (Bow comes to mind), but I wasn't aware that they had that kind of stopping power.

I'll start a fresh Ambition mode on a different profile and look into how many materials the stables give pre-level 50. If it gives 10 out the gates then it probably wouldn't be worth investing in early either.

User Info: Masamune1004

4 years ago#22
It's not the farmer that gives the materials, it's the supervisor for the farmer.

User Info: lonnieep

4 years ago#23
Bump for my fellow uninitiated.
The official lonnieep of gamefaqs. (b'.')b

User Info: MushuPork222

4 years ago#24
I'm going to compile as much info as I can about Ambition and rewrite a more detailed FAQ sometime in the near future, although it's final form is still up for grabs (FAQ, Message Board, Wiki).

On that note, does anyone know if the completion % on Barracks locations affects anything at all? I've maxed every location and I don't think anything happened. Same goes for supervisors at places other than the farm; I've been trying to get them to do something to no avail.

Something else that might be beneficial to know: Is there a magic Blacksmith level that yields the most blank tier 4 weapons?

User Info: mdhegs

4 years ago#25
So, what is the best level to be at before making a run at the 100-consecutive battles?? I am assuming you would want to be a decent level but have some pretty good weapons farmed already ...

With that in mind, is it best to make the run on "Easy"?

And finally ... What is the deal with no (or very limited) health drops in the Ambition missions?? I have a few Officers in the mid 30's and by the time I reach 7 or 8 battles I have to go back to camp simply to refill health?? Am I doing something wrong??

User Info: pabs19

4 years ago#26
See if you can find a weapon with the Jubilation attribute - each time you defeat an enemy you get some health back

User Info: MushuPork222

4 years ago#27
All it really takes is a weapon with high cyclone on it. I did the 100 battles with a level 25-30 Xu Shu and a pair of strong throwing knives (cyclone, slash, jubilation at least) on beginner; enemies still do low damage, but after you hit 9.9 they become damage sinks. Cyclone essentially nullifies that.
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