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User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#1
As the description said, I will try to keep this thread updated as much as possible. So to speak, when I obtain a weapon, I will post the guide as soon as possible. However, as of 8/19/13, I have to go back to school and although I am being homeschooled this year it will still be quite difficult to put the guides up due to schoolwork. About 3 to 4 hours every 5 days, as of said date, the guides I post will most likely be less frequently posted. So don't ask me, "Why haven't you posted a guide?" after said date.
Until then, I will post no more than 5 new guides for every kingdom per week. The number of weapon guides I post may be random.
Now here are the requirements for the 5th weapons:

You must use the weapon's main owner in order to get the weapon. But likewise, you don't have to use the owner's weapon. Like for example, you can play as Ling Tong with a halberd and nunchaku equipped when hunting down his weapon, but you MUST play as him on that level where he gets his 5th weapon in order to receive the weapon. Having his EX weapon with him is optional. If you do not have experience playing on hard or higher on older DW, SW, or WO games then I strongly suggest playing a few stages here and there on hard or higher (not on older games, if you don't want to. You can, if you do though) on DW8. Hard mode is not as easy as it used to be back in DW7 and WO3, so try playing a few stages in Ambition Mode or Free Mode on Hard. In fact, if you've never done Chaos then definitely play hard mode.
Try taking with you a 3 star/dotted weapon or a rare 1, 2, or 3 star weapon or higher with you. Never take a 1 or 2 dotted weapon on hard, unless you're weapon attributes and attack power are all maxed out and your character is at least level 50. Otherwise, take the recommended weapons. I recommend equipping the following character skills: Accuracy, Havoc, Attack Boost, and Rage Springs. Accuracy, Rage Springs, Mighty Roar, Attack/Defense Boost. Accuracy, Health Boost, Musou Springs/Rage Springs, Attack Boost. You'll need all the attack power you need.
For weapon attributes, take the following: Inferno, Cyclone, Frost, Thunder, Fury, Awe, Fear, Velocity. Take at least 2 to 4 of these skills with you.

Now without further ado, here are the guides:
(Note: The guides may be out of order for characters)

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#2

1. Guan Xing: Battle of Chencang
Mission: Defeat Xiahou Wei before he raises an intruder alert alarm.
Difficulty Rating: 3.75/5
Summary: This may seem easy, but it's not. Especially if Guan Xing is under level 40, has no overpowered 3rd or 4th weapon, and/or you've only played hard a few times, misunderstood something, etc., etc. I gave it a 3 3/4 out of 5 because of what you got to do to finish the level afterward. Read on to understand what I mean.
1. Complete all missions given to you, but when you get to the part where you need to destroy the weapons standby in the main camp before you get hit by something. This is so you can preserve and gather musou and health before you gotta go.
2. When Zhuge Liang announces the completion of the secret passage, go and use it. It will be highlighted in green.
3. Xiahou Wei will be on patrol on the castle wall right above the secret passage entrance. Getting spotted by him will be unavoidable.
4. When he spots you he will come down and charge at you. Defeat him within about 2, maybe 3 minutes time and you will receive the item message. Get the item message BEFORE you kill Hao Zhao. Getting it now would not be a good idea.
5. I would suggest interim saving here, then proceeding onward.
6. Take care of the ballista on castle walls. Without A. Falling off. B. Getting your a** kicked by rock throwers and C. Obviously, preserving your life gauge.
7. Once the Chencang main gates have been breached and the armory has been taken, horse off the castle walls and charge straight for the enemy main camp. You have three options:
Avoid battle with officers on the way (that's what I did), help Zhuge Liang as a bunch of officers will gang up on him.
Defeat enemy officers on the way toward the main camp and ignore Zhuge Liang
Or all of the above. In other words: Jump off the main gate, horse toward Zhuge Liang and help him, go back and rush through the castle, avoiding battle with officers along the way or fighting them, defeat the officers ganging up on Zhang Bao and Xing Cai, kill Hao Zhao and win.
I'd strongly suggest leveling up Guan Xing before taking on this stage. I barely made it without leveling him up, sure. But that was just luck. The number of enemy officers will be very overwhelming....
2. Ma Chao: Battle of Chang'an[/big]
Mission: Find the Maid's sister before 5 minutes of the start of the battle is up.
Summary: Pretty easy to complete, unless Ma Chao is under level 40 or there is some misunderstanding when navigating the map or something.
1. Find the Maid. She'll open the first gate for you.
2. Defeat every officer in the castle (and yes, that includes Zhang He). If you can do that within 5 minutes time, the item message will appear. Defeat Cai Wenji to open the door to the item.
3. Interim save and finish level. Look at map if you're having trouble and if you see a big sign that says ENTER with a big "X" on it, read the suggestions.
Where it said enter with a big "X" on the arrow, that was to tell you that once you destroy the fire guardians do not enter there

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#3
3. Liu Bei: Defense of Xu Province.
Mission: Keep Zhang Liao and Xu Huang out of the castle, then stop BOTH fire attack
Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Summary: It seems hard but it really isn't. You just have to: A. Play on free mode so you can have a speedy mount to ride on. B. Interim save as indicated in this guide. Watch carefully.
1. Kill all named and (if you've got time) no-named officers in the castle.
2. Go and help out Zhang Fei and Guan Yu to clear the control room for the boulder devices.
3. Zhang Liao and Xu Huang will then appear. If there's dialogue spam, skip it and go straight to their location. Interim save once you get there.
4. If possible, go to the jump point in the middle of those winding paths to intercept them. Just to let you know, they may just ignore you all together and head straight for the castle. My suggestion: AFTER THEM!
5. Once you killed them, get on your horse and go somewhere in the vicinity of the enemy camp. DON'T GET TO CLOSE!!!
6. Guo Jia will come as reinforcements after the Cao army generals begin to retreat. Fire Troops will appear outside their camp as well. Interim save once the fire attack units set out and then go kill them. Wait a while through dialogue spam and you should get the message.
Use an overpowered 5th weapon such as Sun Quan's 5th weapon.
4. Xu Shu: Battle of Xinye
Mission: Defeat Yue Jin, Li Dian, and Zhang He in 8 minutes of the beginning of the stage.
Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Summary: If you have a good weapon and Xu Shu is leveled up pretty decently, then this isn't too hard.
1. Complete the missions given.
2. Interim save after defeating Cao Ren.
3. Defeat Zhang He ho should be somewhere inside the maze.
4. Rush back to the main camp and kill Yue Jin and Li Dian.
5. If you can do all this in 8 minutes, the treasure is yours.
Play on free mode just to be safe ;)

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#4
5. Guan Yu: Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Mission: Defeat Hua Xiong and Lu Bu in 14 minutes once the stage begins.
Difficulty Rating: 4.3/5
Summary: You may think 14 minutes is a lot of time, but it's not. Why? Because: A. There's a crapload of missions you need to complete prior to defeating Lu Bu. B. Lu Bu is in his extra side of super red aura mode. And C. Let's not forget that Lu Bu could wipe you out in two shots. Not an easy one to get, but it will be worth it.
1. Follow Liu Bei's instructions up to helping Yuan Shu.
2. Don't go too fast with it. You may have to wait a while longer for Hua Xiong if you didn't go to help Sun Jian and Cao Cao.
3. When Hua Xiong is defeated, continue completing missions as they give them to you (interim save after defeated Hua Xiong).
4. Make sure the rock catapults have been cleared so that the army can catch up and help you defeat Lu Bu.
5. When you're fighting Lu Bu, a few things you should know:
He can't be flinched, not even a little bit. It won't even matter if your weapon has a superior affinity. The good news is that he can be stunned.
You can still do a storm rush, which will have effect on him.
Musou's have little to none of damage effect. You may have to run back a few times to gather up life and musou.
Read the suggestions for more.
Do not use your rage attack as soon as you start fighting. You're going to need it for when you do the killing blow.
I strongly recommend getting Lu Bu's 5th weapon before doing this stage. You're going to need it.
The key to defeating Lu Bu is, as I said, is his 5th weapon. Like I said, Lu Bu can be stunned, and his 5th weapon's switch attack is the perfect weapon for the job.
What you have to do is use his switch attack to knock him down, utilize his second weapon's switch attack as much as possible and if you can do a Storm Rush wait for an opportunity to use it without getting knocked out.
Repeat the above process until Lu Bu life gauge is reduced to about 20 or 25 percent. When/If you get there, use your Rage Attack and use all your Musou (if you have to). If that doesn't work, continue the above process.
There is still that one bug where you and only you can be the one to defeat him. And if I didn't already say so, interim save before taking on Lu Bu. If you can manage to defeat him before 14 minutes are up, the treasure is yours.

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#5

1. Wang Yi: Battle of Tong Gate
Mission: Enter the enemy main base in 8 minutes of Ma Chao's charge attack.
Difficultly Rating: 3/5
Summary: This can be hard to complete due to a lot of running around, babysitting, lots of enemies to kill, etc., etc. But besides that, it's pretty easy to complete, you just got to follow and complete the missions given. Hence the reason why it's rated at a 3/5 in difficulty.
1. Head toward the area between the first gate and your main camp and defeat all the enemies there, including the no-names. They may be very aggressive, by the way. Wait for Cao Cao and Jia Xu to start heading toward Han Sui to "talk" and meet up with them on the way. If you want, defeat some enemies along the way (although I don't recommend doing so). 2. Once they reach the meeting point (which should be highlighted in green. If not, then keep following Jia Xu and Cao Cao), Cao Cao and Han Sui will leave the battlefield temporarily to talk.
3. Meanwhile, Ma Chao will sense something suspicious and will send Pang De to investigate. Enemy reinforcements will then appear at the bases where the two red arrows will be pointing at on the right of the map. Defeat as many as possible before Pang De reaches the garrison. When you've defeated enough enemies, Pang De will charge toward you. Defeat him ASAP.
4. The first three steps are (IMHO) the easiest steps, including this one. The latter steps may be much more difficult. I recommend interim saving once you completed the first three steps above btw. Head toward the area with a yellow square around it (the one below the top one. There should be two) and take out the ballista set up there (all of them, if possible. At least try to take out one ballista before moving on) and if you still have time take out as many enemies as possible before the next step.
5. Eventually, you will get a mission telling you that Ma Chao is charging toward your main camp. Head back to your main camp ASAP and you should get a cutscene of some sort afterward.
6. Defeat Ma Chao as quickly as possible after the cutscene. As soon as the cutscene is finished, the 8 minute time limit will commence right then and there.
7. If you destroyed all ballistae on the first gate, then skip this step. If not, hurry and destroy them. The ram will need to be in range where at least you yourself can see it.
Remember, to get through the gates:
No ballistae or catapults on the gates
The named officer must be defeated as he is guarding the garrison/checkpoint
8. Once the ram breaks through, rush in and defeat the named general guarding the garrison/checkpoint. Then quickly rush and destroy the ballistae on the second gate.
9. For the final gate, no catapults are needed. But you will still need to defeat the general inside. Now the catch is (especially if you haven't much time left) that you need to seize the catapults looking over the checkpoint and destroy the gate.
10. If you can do that, then the treasure will be your's. You should get an item message shortly.
Try using the halberd or some 4th weapon polearm such as the Dragon Spear, Zhang Fei's spear weapon, or Jiang Wei's trident as a second weapon.

User Info: gamefan190

4 years ago#6
did you not see the Final Weapon Guide Sticky? It's the first topic on the first page. lol
"Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It's undeniable." -Noctis Lucis Caelum - Final Fantasy XV

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#7
2. Yue Jin: Battle of Yan Province.
Mission: Cross the western drawbridge in 5 minutes of the stage starting.
Difficulty Rating: 2.5/5
Summary: Pretty easy to do.
1. On a horse, run to the front of the western drawbridge.
2. Defeat ??? (Xu Zhu).
3. Cross the bridge. You MUST be accros the bridge in its entirety on the OPPOSITE side of the bridge in order to get the treasure.
None. Just have a good weapon and be over level 30.

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#8
3. Xu Huang: Imperial Escort.
Mission: Defeat Yuan Shu and pass through the gate along with the carriage in 5 minutes of it being locked.
Difficulty Rating: 2.5/5
Summary: Pretty easy to do. Just have a decent weapon and complete the missions as ordered in that 5 minute time limit.
1. The gate gets locked just about as soon as the stage begins.
2. Don't worry about the carriage though. Just go on and defeat the generals guarding the checkpoints as ordered.
3. Defeat Yuan Shu last to unlock the gate. You should try to do it in 4 minutes (or less) as the carriage may make a wrong turn.
4. Treasure message shuld appear as soon as the carriage gets through (and after any dialogue spam).

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#9
4. Cao Pi: Battle of Guandu
Mission: Complete the fire attack while keeping all Wei officers alive.
Difficulty Rating: 2.8/5
Summary: This one is kind of tricky as there is going to be a lot of running around, a lot of babysitting, etc.
1. Help the generals out (start with Guo Jia/Li Dian) by defeating everything with a name over there head. Yue Jin can take care of himself (given Dian Wei is on this stage), same for Guan Yu. However, Guo Jia and Li Dian, particularly Li Dian, will have some trouble. On my first few runs on this stage, Li Dian went out almost immediately (and they didn't even get into Yanjin).
2. Once Li Dian/Guo Jia get inside Yanjin, go help Yue Jin and Dian Wei if they haven't crossed the river yet. If they have, feel free to help out Guo Jia, Li Dian, and Guan Yu.
3. The fire attack plan will start as soon Baima has been seized. Interim save before heading up. If they tell you to draw the enemies attention west, I strongly suggest doing so. If you head east, then they may rat you out. If someone in the fire attack unit is defeating or struggling, exit the level and restart via the interim save.
3a. If you end up using the interim save, then forget what I just said and help them out.
4. Once the fire group enters the castle, wait a bit until the fire attack is a sucess. The treasure message will appear after Zhang He defecting.
Have good weapons and please have him over level 30 (at least).

User Info: CrusaderOOO

4 years ago#10
1. Sun Jian: Battle of Xuchang
Mission: The fire attack must be successful within 12 minutes of the beginning of the stage.
Difficulty Rating 2.8/5
Summary: This stage is pretty easy. The only hard part is where you have to face the musou officers.
1. Head toward the central plaza (indicated by the map) and wait for all orders and dialogue. Once the gates open, defeat Xiahou Yuan and Wang Yi (it will probably be indicated on the map).
2. Zhang Liao will be the next officer you'll need to defeat.
3. The barracks are guarded by Xu Huang, and a unit led by Guo Huai. Defeat all of them (including the no-names) to unlock the gates to the reservoir.
4. Go all the way around the pathway surrounding the reservoir in order to get to the switch to drain it.
5. When the water has been lowered, you'll be able to access the hidden path into the castle.
7. Li Dian and Yue Jin will try and stop you. Defeat them to trigger the fire attack.
8. There may or may not be a lot of dialogue following this. Nonetheless, if you can manage to do all of this in 12 minutes the message for the treasure will show up.

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