Show me yo moves! Move demonstration vids (batch #3)

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User Info: BlackMetalisWar

4 years ago#1
Liu Bei

Zhang Fei

Guan Yu

Guan Xing

Guan Suo

Guan Yinping

Zhang Bao

Sun Ce

Da Qiao

Huang Gai

Gan Ning

Lu Meng

Ling Tong

Lu Xun
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User Info: Ixbran

4 years ago#2
I love how Huang Gai actually uses his boat in his air Musou, tossing it up into the air like that, then performing a body slam on the enemy, and then the boat come crashing down on them!


I also love Daqiaos new air Musou, and its lingering effect afterwards. good to see some musou attacks might do that for others as well.

User Info: Random_Prinny

4 years ago#3
And I JUST edited my post in my topic! *cuts table in half*

Ah well, Guan Xing's moveset looks so outrageous. I hope he gets a move that lets you fly around the battlefield like Sanzang from Warriors Orochi.

And did Guan Yinping just kick her opponent in the nuts?! These overpowered Guan kids...
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User Info: Krow_Incarnate

4 years ago#4
Nice. It's a shame they didn't show us if Gan Ning still has his running musou or not.

Even still, love the red in his air musou and his moveset looks like tons of fun.
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User Info: crosswindkrab

4 years ago#5
I dislike Guan Xing even more now.
Zhang Fei looks pretty good with that shoulder charge and Yinping looks like what Zhou Yu's staff should have been. Da Qiao looks fairly ridiculous as well.
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User Info: quanticdream

4 years ago#6
Lu Xun is sooooo awesome <3

User Info: Locklan

4 years ago#7 I got some WTF's in here...Um Huang Gai is pretty much straight ridiculous, its wrestling moves followed by summoning random waves of water on dry land. Oh my is Guan Xing annoying, what the hell is he, a swallow? The whole wing flapping Even Zhang Bao's stupid head scratch can't match that. Yinping needs a new outfit and a new voice.

Gan Ning looks pretty manic using the flail. Lu Xun is darting all over the place like he should, I kind of dig Guan Yu's green effects with his Green Dragon.
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User Info: Xodiark

4 years ago#8
Anyone else notice the improvements in the facial expressions? Especially evident in Sun Ce's musou starters
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User Info: MissPuffypuff

4 years ago#9
You know, I don't think I've played as Zhang Fei since he went to double-squigglies. He looks really great.

Loving Xing's air action, too, and the XINGLIDER is just the right combo of silly and fun and cool. Yiping... I'll give someone else her buckets, since I like those but she's too kawaii uguu.

Lu Meng is getting sexier every game and HUANG GAI NEVER LETS ME DOWN™

User Info: mikoledavid

4 years ago#10
I'm loving the new dual wield weapon movesets!

Guan Xing (lol xinglider) as a devil may cry player, his moveset just made my day!
Lu Xun: He's always been my fave ever since, im loving the new illusion clone thingy he has going on!
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