Saving Guo Huai....

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User Info: Shianai

4 years ago#1
what is the exact condition for this since i kill the guy that ask to open the gate of guo's camp but it still opens...

User Info: chongwanhsing

4 years ago#2
Kill him before he even ask to open the gate, since he appears next to the reinforcement gate where you should be standing at that point of time it should be a easy job.
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User Info: sou

4 years ago#3
What you need to do:
-KO the guy before he retreats right at the beginning of the stage
-Don't go into the center to trigger Ma Dai's ambush
-KO Xing Cai and the supply vehicles
-Advance through the bottom path and defeat all generals along the way
-The guy you KO at the beginning will show up again, but this time he cannot trick Guo Huai, KO him and done.
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  3. Saving Guo Huai....

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