How do you beat the uber baddie... (spoilers)

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User Info: Charmy

4 years ago#1
So I've found what I believe to be the ultimate baddie of the game... "Mom".

You fight Mom in the kitchen after beating the Level 50 "Legend" quest in the Chromatic Maze..

Anyway, she utterly pwns my team. In one hit she usually outright kills one party member and nearly kills the rest. I can do maybe 5% of her health before she crushes me. No idea how to handle this kind of damage... my healing output is way insufficient..

Here is my team:


All level 35ish.

My cleric's circle of healing heals like 32 hit points.. so when my team is being blasted for 100+ it doesn't look too promising..

Anyone have a strategy to do this without power leveling for hours and hours? It seems especially hard since most skills start to suffer diminshing returns post 10-ranks... making progression brutally slow..

Anyway much thanks for any thoughts XD

User Info: zhang ren

zhang ren
4 years ago#2
You gotta grind levels out the ass. I'm only level 26 and I got my team to max equipment/best accessories and I got through the dragons. But this fight is another story.
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User Info: megafire123

4 years ago#3
Haven't beaten the dragons yet so I don't know how bad she is but you could try respec-ing your skill points. For example the mages Deep Freeze and Meteor aren't all that useful against elites so you could move the points you put into them into powering up Fireball. It's not a solution but it should help in doing more damage.
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User Info: Hotbedbrie

4 years ago#4
Health drain scales with attack bonuses, so Knight, Barbarian, and Necro all have scaling heals. No idea whether Necro's life drain stacks with the other two or would overwrite. Bard's Power Chord is probably a safer bet to help scale drain, and you also get a single target heal. None of this really helps you current team.

Knight and Paladin also have skills that grant 50% dr. That is huge mitigation. Again, more for a replay.

If the damage is just barely killing you it might be worth it to pump initiative and see if you can land high level weakens off your Warrior and Cleric before she goes. Not sure if they stack. Would make your heals go farther.

All this is theory craft. Will let you know how I did it once I have done it.

User Info: RiceEggsNCatsup

4 years ago#5
it's almost impossible to beat.

leveling up only gives you about 5 hp per level.

with her meteor shot that kicks out 200+ dmg to every party member plus 400+ to the target, you are screwed unless you're grinding to level 65+. even then, you will need a boatload of the 200pots.

mom sucks.

User Info: SinistraX

4 years ago#6
I have only fought her once on my first play through. Unfortunately testing a lot is expensive due to rezzes. My two ideas are as follows:

Current party: Knight, Barb, Bard, Rogue, Shaman

1) Equip mainly everyone with the 2x rings for tons of HP and regen. Destroy the 2 shovels ASAP. Outlast her damage.

2) Equip Knight with 3 4x rings and maybe 1 of the 12atk beaks. Destroy the 2 shovels before the entire party, save the knight, dies. By alternating def strike & dragon's blood, he might be able to withstand her damage outright and kill her very very slowly.

However method #2 would prove ineffectual if she had stunning abilities. Like I said I haven't tested it a lot because it's damn expensive.

Can we share info on her average damage and abilities she uses (ie stuns)?

User Info: RiceEggsNCatsup

4 years ago#7
btw, is there a better option than the black dragon for grinding exp?

User Info: RiceEggsNCatsup

4 years ago#8
SinistraX posted...

Can we share info on her average damage and abilities she uses (ie stuns)?

i have yet to see her attacks stun. it's just pure dmg.

her "normal" attack seems to be a 2 shotter, each shot doing about 200 dmg. sometimes it's stacked on on target but mostly distributed across 2 chars.

her "uber" attack is the meteor mentioned previously.

User Info: King Moogle

King Moogle
4 years ago#9
Given the strength of the uber attack (which hits everyone) and the quantity of health that she has, I figure that I can't win a DPS race. I'm trying to get everyone full "The Two Ring" inventories, in hopes that the HP and HP Regen will be sufficient to deal with it. I've actually had a "The Three Ring" drop in standard combat while grinding XP, so it's possible-- albeit unlikely-- to find them in the wild, as well.

Current party:
Paladin (Tank)
Cleric (Debuff and Heals)
Mage (DOT/Burst)
Rogue (Burst)
Druid (Utility-- MP Restoration, Spot Heals, DOT)

I'll be curious to see how it goes. I'm currently l33/34 on all chars, and expect to be 35/36 by the time I get full "The Two Ring" inventories across the board.
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User Info: SinistraX

4 years ago#10
I'm currently farming Missing No's & Void elementals with the quest for XP & gold. I get about 14k xp and 90 gold on average (when you count the occasional elite bonus gold). It seems pretty efficient, albeit I never get items.

How much gold and XP do the dragons usually give?
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