How do you beat the uber baddie... (spoilers)

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User Info: SinistraX

5 years ago#21
UnHoly One posted...
Just beat Mom and got nothing except for some XP and money. Although it does ask you to send a screenshot to an email as proof, not sure why.

Anyways, for those that care my team was basically only 4 people all around 45~, I had 1 person that was 20 that died pretty fast. Since barbarian is absolutely terrible I tried to get in a cleric for more healing but didn't want to grind more...

Anyways I had a Rogue, Bard, Paladin and Shaman.

Rogue skill were 0/20/10/15 and you start every fight with vanish and get the +12 Attack Item and 3 of the +25 Health/+5 Crit Items you end up with 90%+ Crit chance, I was doing about 540 damage a turn with the Bard buff. I should also note that it is really imperative that your Rogue has the mana leech character to keep up high damage the whole fight.

Shaman had every point in Vines, but when grinding put it all into Tornado. Was equipped with all 4 The Four Rings.

Bard had all points evenly in the damage buff and in the healing regain per turn and was equpped with all 4 The Four Rings.

Paladin I had 18/16/9/1 for skills, 2 Thorn Rings that I got as drops and 2 The Four Rings.

The Cleric had all The Four Rings too and did fairly well until he took a direct hit from a meteor.

Just have Bard/Cleric spam heals all fight, same with Paladin if it gets low. Paladin needs shield on at all times and super high threat, mine was 81% base. Rogue starts fight with Vanish, after that just spam the double hit thing. Use the power chord on your Bard only if Mom only attacked your Paladin and didn't use meteor on her previous turn, that one should last you the whole fight. And the Shaman should just spam the vine.

Tough fight, not much payoff though.

Congrats mate. Kinda lame about the payoff though. Hoping you'd get a great item or something at the least. Hoping for something interesting in the next content update.

User Info: ItchyD

5 years ago#22
What are these 1,2,3,4 rings everyone is mentioning? Where do they come from?

User Info: xdiesp6

5 years ago#23
Just beat Mom with:

Shaman dps
Full Vines. Leveling up, it was full tornado

Mage dps
Full fireball. Leveling up, it was full meteor

Knight tank
1 point in defense blow, 15 in dragon blow, rest crit

Cleric healer
Full heals. Leveling up, it spared some good Smite

Bard healer
Full heals. Leveling up, it was full damage music

My level was 40ish, equipment were mostly Two Rings, plus some minus threat gear on the healers and +attack on the tank. Died a lot when Mom AOEd and then focused on healers. Tactic was to keep everyone capped with health, keeping up the knight bubble, and spamming vine or fireball.
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  3. How do you beat the uber baddie... (spoilers)

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