What all classes/races are there?

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User Info: myrkul8013

4 years ago#1
Hey folks.
I am wondering which classes and races are unlockable over the course of the game.

Anyone know a place to get a list with places?
"Work with zeal as hammers peal, melt, anneal, and bend the steel."

User Info: DivinePoints

4 years ago#2
Here's a full list of every unlockable class/character. There's unlock information located in this thread as well http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/688762-knights-of-pen-and-paper/64499734
Hope this helps.

Sketchie posted...
Here's all the "secret" classes you can obtain in the game.

The Barbarian is pretty simple. Just use Berserk on him and watch him tear monsters apart and keep himself topped off with Blood Seeker.

Adren Rush (Passive)
Sharpen Axe (Passive)
Blood Seeker (Passive)

The Bard is mainly a support class. He can heal the entire group for a couple of turns, increase their attack, or hit all enemies with Dissonance.

Harmonic Movement
Power Chord

I haven't played a Hunter yet. I felt that my Rogue was so much better in all aspects. Anyone that has played a Hunter can express their opinion on this, of course.

Bull's Eye (Passive)
Concentrate (Passive)
Heart Shot

Anyone that has had experience with the Knight class can express their opinion on this one as well. I felt the Paladin had much better aggro generating and protection abilities over the Knight.

Combat Skill (Passive)
Defensive Strike
Dragon Blood

Hurricane will tear enemies up real quick. Static Field can increase Magic of the target you use it on, which will make Hurricane more potent and gives you more MP to play with. I felt this one was a good upgrade over the Mage class.

Static Field
Vine Trap

...what's the point of this class? Really? Can anyone elaborate on this? Just one look at the abilities made me think "WTF are they thinking?!".

Death and Decay
Energy Drain (Passive)
Soul Pact
Summon Minion

There's also 5 players you can have join your group. You can obtain them all in one area, actually.

Drinker (Passive)
100% extra potion effect and 5% of life steal.

May be a good candidate for the Paladin and Knight classes, but not the best. He can fill any role just fine.

Arretado (Passive)
+3 bonus to attack and 50% less on player resurrect.

Excellent for any melee DPS class in the game, such as Barbarian, Warrior, Rogue and Hunter.

Everyone's Ally (Passive)
Reduce threat by -5 (100%) and 5% of mana steal.

Great character to use for the Druid, Cleric and Bard classes because of the reduced threat which makes him less likely to be attacked which is very nice for a healer class.

Limit Break (Passive)
Extra 5 (100%) threat and 10% to critical.

Best character to use for the Paladin class, hands down. He can easily get the highest Threat in the game which makes him an excellent tank.

Leadership (Passive)
+5 to initiative and 30% extra XP.

Basically an upgrade to the Little Brother character, except that, uh... the 30% extra XP doesn't actually seem to work in the game. Right now you can use him or Little Brother, whatever you feel like up to using.

User Info: who_is_daniel

4 years ago#3
Good information, well organized, and helpful. Thank you.
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