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Kolbjorn Barrow floor puzzle

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User Info: noircorvus

5 years ago#1
Looking for some help with the floor puzzle in the third part of the excavation.

User Info: GamerGirl9311

5 years ago#2
You just have to make sure they all light up. Walk over each one quickly, say starting in a corner and walking back and forth until you've hit them all. This took me a few tries to do it fast enough since the light dies out after a few seconds.

User Info: oldskl1990s

5 years ago#3
i used the Slow Time shout to help with this.
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User Info: Qahnaarin02

5 years ago#4
I also think you have to be careful not to walk on anyone twice.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon11

5 years ago#5
actually you can bypass the puzzle as the ring is just close enough for using the telekenesis (or however its spelled) spell. i've done it quite a few times
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