Need help w/ Neloth

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User Info: LNCShall

5 years ago#1
So the next thing I need to do is talk to Neloth, but every time I get close to his big mushroom house, the two unkillable servants in front start attacking me and blow me to pieces. even when I best them, they come right back into action... is this a glitch, or is there something i'm missing here?!?

User Info: blade4u98

5 years ago#2
Yeah thats a glitch alright. They never attacked me when I when there. Try to sneak into the place.
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User Info: LNCShall

5 years ago#3
yeah, i tried sneaking in... i got up the lift to Neloth and he attacks me too. You can't kill him, so I can't do anything except fight him and re-fight him until he kills me.

User Info: RGPanzner

5 years ago#4
could try calm spells maybe if your a mage. Don't know what level they are though so it may be impossible for even a master illusionist to calm them.
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User Info: MuffinzRCool

5 years ago#5
This most likely occurred because when you used bend will on the nearby earth stone for the main quest, you may have hit or killed a civilian in the following battle. Therefore, you have a bounty, and everyone is hostile. I recommend either reloading, or if it isn't possible, to to rave rock, talk too guard, and they should take you in for murder. Serve your sentence and you'll be fine. Hope this works!
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User Info: LNCShall

5 years ago#6
Hmmm... Maybe. That's a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion!! I'll try that!

User Info: Hendrixson

5 years ago#7
You are diseased, everyone will attack u, even the guards. Go to a Shrine (I went to the one in WhiteRun and clicked on the Shrine of Talos outside next to the big statue). Doing that fixed everyone being hostile to me

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