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User Info: setablazebyyou

5 years ago#1
can you play online w/ people????

User Info: Axccel

5 years ago#2
I don't care, I can finally get to play this game again!
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User Info: Censored_VIP

5 years ago#3
I beleive online co-op was confirmed.

User Info: OnsIaughter

5 years ago#4
Yes, you there's online co-op for both games. I know. I was shocked they bothered giving the games online play too.
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User Info: manji

5 years ago#5
didn't know this was coming out until a few minutes ago, checked PSN and it's up now. 4.99 for this classic. anyone want to play some multiplayer?

User Info: byrocracy

5 years ago#6
Couldn't resist the urge to get this either. I'm actually new to PS3, but down to play online.

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