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User Info: Nintendork2468

5 years ago#1
Does anyone have any clue or theory about how to get specific shards besides using the balloon popping game? I need magic shards but all I get are laughter shards... Those parasprites are all purple in my ponyville and I have no magic shards to retaliate with!
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User Info: blueruby

5 years ago#2
Just keep making / selling stuff, other ones will pop up eventually and rarely. I find with the quicker items, laughter shards are common, but with things that take more time, you'll get different ones.

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User Info: JulieSu

5 years ago#3
My theory is that shards of a particular element become more common once you've unlocked the corresponding stone on the map. Unfortunately, I can't really test this out yet as I need 75 shards for generosity and I only have 9 so far. >_<

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