Friend Sharing / Gameloft Live IDs vol 3

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User Info: legendofskyland

3 years ago#1
Hey everypony, now that the second thread is locked, It's time to start part 3.

Post your Gameloft IDs and add friends for hearts.


User Info: Drag0nBlade

3 years ago#2
I make video games.

User Info: vbrat

3 years ago#3
Please add bratnic
Thank you!

User Info: Gavstar01

3 years ago#4
Please add Gavstar9900

User Info: m1nx87

3 years ago#5
please add me, m1nx87 thank you!!

User Info: protomanV89

3 years ago#6
please add me, protomanV89

I need people send me box XD
Pokemon White : 5200 2052 9400
Pokemon Black 2: 2538 2389 2776

User Info: BrightMoment

3 years ago#7
my ID is BrightMoment

I do my best to give hearts every day, please add me!

User Info: PoniesNSparkles

3 years ago#8
Hi! please add poniesnsparkles :) i'll add anyone!

thank you

User Info: Everrild

3 years ago#9
I play every day and I will add as many as I can personally. Please add me, as Im desperate for chests :P
Name is Everrild and I play on a Ipad

User Info: mikeyboy1981

3 years ago#10
My username is michaelandrion. I'm trying to get enough hearts to get Twilight's Dad. I play every day. Add me please!
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  3. Friend Sharing / Gameloft Live IDs vol 3

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